5 Content Marketing Trends in 2019 to 2020

Content marketing is nourishing its roots in the technical world diaspora and strengthening it to create an entirely new future for digital world. It is considered as the major driving wheels for the businesses to make their presence felt online.

Grasping the customer’s behavior and formulating of the content strategies based on 2020 content marketing trends is what major business marketers are eying. Digital marketing has come along way in modifying marketing and waived off all the traditional marketing techniques by adopting a fresh and innovative approach towards business online.

It has granted wings to the business owners for taking a grand flight. This digital marketing evolution has unleashed the latest trends in content marketing through which will play a crucial role in re-defining marketing strategies.

Content marketing is an approach which is aimed at delivering high quality content to a specific audience base with the aim of imparting information.

The aim is to generate interest among the audience in the particular services and products. Leaving an impression is important aspect of marketing. Thus, incorporating sound content strategies coupled with SEO techniques for capturing the audience’s fantasy is crucial for the business to rein the cut-throat competition online.

Here are the Content Marketing Trends that are Expected to Dominate in 2020

Live Streaming

With major social media platform supporting live streaming it is expected to rise in great proportion in 2022. Video content is becoming incredibly famous among the generation. Among all the videos a viewer browses through, what catches the sight is the live video streaming. It stands out in generating unparalleled engagement and viewer interaction. After many leaps and bounds in live streaming, it is expected be in high demand in 2020.

Augmented Reality

By 2020, immersive technologies will gain prominence. Augmented reality among the topmost revolutionary technologies which will provide a rich experience and alter the reality perspective through technological devices. The most famous game Pokémon Go is an example of Augmented reality.

Interactive Content

Interactive content has recently grabbed the spotlight as individuals love to be wowed by the stories to be shared. Attention gathering videos, contests, quizzes, polls, are the major type of immersive content which a viewer cherishes. The art of storytelling is increasingly evolving and emerging as an break through track in grasping the throbbing nerve of the customers in marketing and generating engagement.

Voice Search

Voice Search is becoming increasingly popular with every home harboring voice manipulated device like Alexa and Google’s voice search platform “OK Google”. For business website owners, the content in the form of FAQs is likely to perform well online. It’s important for you to get your content in featured snippet in Google. Voice commerce sales reached $1.8 billion last year as revealed by OC&C Strategy Consultants. They’re predicted to reach $40 billion by 2022.

Virtual Reality

This is the most innovative and costly technology in the marketing scenario. Businesses use this technique for attracting customers and for generating traffic on the website. The experience is beyond excellence and surpasses reality upholding virtual indulgence.

VR market volume is expected to reach 98.4 billion sales by 2023 generating installed base of 123 million according to Forbes. “Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but about the stories you tell”. Afterall, the major aim is to rise above the rest. These content marketing insights will ensure the success in business online.

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