6 Ways to Achieve High Rankings In 2020

A well-defined SEO plan, content marketing strategy, list of primary keywords, optimized website, on-page, and off-page SEO strategy is something that rules the mind of a smart SEO marketer.

Time is an issue and weekly tracking makes you getting acquainted with the SEO tricks, and trends by going through the latest SEO blogs. If you are sick of watching your competitor ranking above your website’s search engine ranking and struggling to grab the page 1 rankings then you are not alone.

Undertake these Actionable Steps and Let the Things Work out Organically:

Understanding SEO

What did your prospects want? To read the mind. This is what Google does and is pretty good at it!  Google provides the exact data the user is looking for in Nanoseconds. You need to put yourself into customers’ shoes for ranking high for the relevant keywords and provide the exact answers they are looking for. 

Rich and Relevant Content

Content isn’t just limited to blogs and articles but coves, live videos, images, webinars, guides and more. Who are you writing for? What is the mission? Why should the audience care? Try to solve their queries through your niche-specific content.

Higher sharing of valuable content apart from satisfying the customers’ curiosity, converts. Video content marketing is going to be the greatest buzz of 2020.  Consider sharing your expertise through engaging videos.

Website Check-Up

Having URL, image tags, Meta descriptions incorporated with the right set of keywords and optimized is important for a website to rank high. Upgrade your Meta content using various practices. Check for the on-site issues. Keep checking the on-page issues as on-page matters for a website to rank high and earn relevant traffic in search engines.

Check Out the Backlinks

If no website is linking to you, why should Google? It is important to check your backlinks if they are genuine ones? Spam backlinks are termed under black hat techniques and can lead to penalization. The high the quality of backlinks the higher are the rankings. Keep track of your social reputation and build a relationship with your customers.

Get Your Business Listed

Are you targeting locally based customers? In this case, SEO is crucial to your business. List your business on niche-based directories and Google my Business. Up to date citations, images, company information covering NAP (name, address, Phone number) are essential to outrank your competitor.

Keep Track of Website’s Performance

Tracking the website’s progress will help you analyze marketing tactics and KPIs based on your specific goals. Keep track of the most relevant and important metrics affecting your website’s performance online like keyword rankings, page traffic, page loading speed, backlinks, conversions, DA, PA, Social sharing and likes and mobile bounce rate.

These are some of the major practices for SEO 2020.  Improvements don’t take place overnight, SEO is an investment a long term one. Need further assistance regarding SEO? Contact SEO Agency Alice Springs for all your SEO requirements and queries.

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