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A Detailed Guide to Analyze the Cause of Drop In Ranking

Have you ever got frenzied over the sudden lapse in ranking? Well there can be many reasons for the massive drop in the ranking. In such situation the website owners switch to the black hat SEO which means they step forward in the direction of violating the webmaster rules little grasping the fact that it may prove beneficial initially but it doesn’t affect ranking for long run.

Apart from that, you might face severe consequences of violating the webmaster rules. Patience is the key here as in case of the ranking drops, the whole process is conducted again for legally surging up the ranking of a website and the patience pays off, results are commendable.

Here are Some Ways Which can Help you Analyze the Cause of Drop in the Traffic

Resort to Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the best tool you can switch to for analyzing the health of your website as it will help you pick the wounded nerve. Through e-mails it notifies you about serious problems like crawl errors, schema issues, manual actions or more along with analyzing the staggering amount of data.

For analyzing the specific pages, you can take assistance of URL inspection tool which lets you analyze each page with attention to minute details through Google bot. There you might encounter some issues with the Google bot.

Through Coverage on Google Search Console you can analyze the issues regarding the Google indexed pages. Issues like no index metatag on the submitted pages can affect the ranking of a website.

As a result of violation of Google webmaster guidelines, you might face manual penalty by the Google. Purchasing the links or creating spammy content accounts to some of the initiatives undertaken by you for improving the ranking sphere.

You can switch to manual action section on Google Search Console and analyze the issues in the configuration of schema markup. You will be notified by GSC if you are liable for any manual penalty. You will get a deep insight into the malware on your website if any, tracked by the Google.

Inspect No Follow And No Index Meta tags Along With Robot.txt Errors

You can encounter such issues if you are facing the phase of Interregnum which means in between the development of the website and making it live.

In such case, switching to wrong setting on WordPress can lead to deindexing of one or more pages. You need to make sure that the Search Engine Visibility option is left unchecked in WordPress.  

The Index setting plays important role, Check for it for any of your installed SEO related plugins.  

You can even review the page level setting related to indexed pages. Review all the pages from the lowest traffic generating to the highest ones. Just don’t cram the pages, analyze each with great attention.

Check for the robot txt. file format and make sure it is configurated in perfect sync with the search engine bots. You can switch to handy tool in Google Search Console for viewing the errors in your robot txt file.

Confirm Website Hack Issue

The websites are always prone to a hacked, for some or other reasons as the hackers are out to infect the one where they find the relevant thing they are looking for. Along with spreading the malware, they just install the inbound links from other websites to their site which is an unethical way of getting an inbound link.

They can remove the organized content from your website and even manipulate search engine to prevent your website from getting indexed. Ensure installation of automated systems for scanning outbound links.

Screaming frog is the best solution for your problems it identifies any alien link which can affect your website. Consider the website hack issue for the drop in your ranking and request a request to Google Search Console after verifying your website of any hack issue.

Role of Inbound Links

Certain factors determine the loss of ranking because of certain glitches in Inbound links. These factors can be-

  1. Practices of link building tactics that violates webmaster guidelines.
  2.  Sudden increase in link on the competitor’s website
  3. Loss of links

Re-building of the links in complete sync with the webmaster guidelines is the only legal way to improve the ranking of your website.

Devaluation accounts to the drop in the values of the inbound links which accounts to certain actions taken by other website owners.

Inspection of the Content

With the continuously evolving of Google algorithms, you can’t just expect a low word count content to get rank that easily on search results. Analyze your competitor’s content and work accordingly. No less than 1000 words content gets visibility on the search result pages. It should be properly organized and SEO optimized.

 A structured content is the one which catches the lime light with proper heading, sub heading and images along with breaking it in bullet points further enhances the readability of it. Just keep in mind who your targeted audience are and what they are looking to read online.

SEO tool like SEM rush help you gain deep insight on the glitches of your content and how you can optimize it for dominating the search results in organic way.

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