Adobe Has Launched Their New Adobe Marketing Cloud


What is Adobe Marketing Cloud?

Today’s marketer is challenged with complexities of marketing in a digital world. It’s new, it’s constantly changing, and marketer needs a partner to help them move at the speed of digital. Now every marketer can accelerate their shift to digital with Adobe Marketing Cloud to deliver a consistent, personalized experience across channels and prove that your marketing dollars are working.

“Like Marketing overall, our digital initiatives are constantly evolving to meet changing customer demands and new market opportunities. Adobe Marketing Cloud gives us a flexible environment to deliver and test new digital strategies and continually refine our work to optimize experiences for our customers” – Greg Cannon. VP of Digital Marketing Caesars Entertainment.

What are the Business Challenges Online Marketers Face?

In a digital world where customers demand personalized content access channels and on all devices, marketers must figure out the best way to engage and retain their customers. Delivering the best digital experience to the right person at the right time requires the right combination of data, insights, and digital content. While managing strategies, collaborations and ultimately the delivery of digital experience, how can marketers ensure that they are making the right digital marketing decisions it deliver relevant customers’ experiences and ROI (Return on Investment)?

What can be the Solutions for that?

This Adobe Marketing Cloud is the most comprehensive and integrated marketing solution available which enables the marketers to measure, personalize and optimize marketing campaigns and digital experiences for optimal marketing performance. With its complete set of solutions, including Adobe Analytic, Adobe Target, Adobe Social, Adobe Experience Manage, Adobe Media Optimizer and Adobe Campaigns and as well as, Real-Time Dashboard and a collaborative interface through which marketers will able to combine the data, insights, and digital content to deliver the optimal brand experience to their customers.

I think this is the right time for Google to think more on their Google Analytics and GWT.

Anyways, what marketers can do with this Adobe Marketing Cloud:

  • Marketers can combine the data across solutions and third-party data sources, such as CRM, POP, E-mail and survey to create a single view of the customer.
  • Can deliver a personalized customer experience across all channels and on any device.
  • They can use predictive analytics to stay a step ahead of customer’s wants and needs.
  • Access all Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions from one centralized platform and visualize, socialize and collaborate across teams with the interface.
  • Accurately forecast and continually optimize your paid digital marketing mix.
  • Manage, Deploy, Track and monetize social programs.
  • Store, assemble and distribute digital assets to deliver high-quality brand, campaign and content experiences.
  • Integrate with more than 200 partners in 20+ countries, covering the entire marketing ecosystem.
  • Easily add, alter and deploy marketing tags on your website, which results in consistent page performance and accurate data collection.

Also, you can access Abobe Marketing Cloud at, where marketers can share and collaborate as well as interact with the six key factors of Adobe Marketing Cloud shown below and can integrate with their enterprise partners. Overall, we can say this is a great catch from Adobe in the world of Digital Marketing.

Adobe Marketing Cloud Solutions




Adobe Analytics Get Real-Time analytics across online and offline channels to continuously improve the performance of marketing activities 1. Real-time web, social and mobile analytics.2.
Advanced, ad hoc segmentation.3. Data integration with offline and third
party sources.
1. Align marketing initiatives with business
objectives2. Gain real-time insights into customer behavior3. Drives
conversions and relevant consumers’ experiences
Adobe Target Test and target digital experiences to maximize business results Paves a path from simple testing to targeting to true
segmentation and optimization through 1. A/B and multivariate testing2.
Rules-based testing3. Automated decision-making and targeting
1. Increase web and mobile site conversions2. Create
differentiated personalized experiences3. Optimize customer engagement
and loyalty
Adobe Social Manage social marketing with a comprehensive platform that enables social listening, publishing and analysis 1. Manage social content and activities across multiple
social networks and profile pages.2. Listen and respond to customer
conversation in real time3. Create social campaigns and track
performance with integrated analytics
1. Scale social across the enterprise and retain
oversight at an executive level2. Identify trends, opportunities and
threats pertinent to your brand3. Connect the dots between social
interactions and business results
Adobe Experience Organize, manage and deliver creative assets and other content across digital marketing channels 1. Digital asset management2. Web content management3. Social communities 1. Improve market and brand perception2. Share and collaborate on digital assets and campaigns
3. Improve marketing and IT agility operational excellence
Adobe Media Manage, forecast and optimize your media mix to deliver peak return on your investment 1. Cross-channel optimization2. Search engine marketing management 1. Determine the most effective and overall marketing mix2. Drive higher ROI within each marketing channel
3. Display and social advertising management 3. Optimize customers interactions across channels
Adobe Campaign Plan and execute orchestrated campaigns across all channels 1. Plan and execute cross-channels, campaigns from a single environment2. Manage plans, offers, activities, budgets and results 1. Improve customer satisfaction, retention and reduce
opt-out rates2. Increase revenue and business performance by automating
and optimizing campaigns
3. Market to your customers individually based on a
centralized, real-time customer profile, including preferences, purchase
behavior, loyalty and more
3. Make the most of each customer touch point with
timely and effective Remarketing, cross-sell and up-sell communications
and every step of the customer lifecycle

It’s clear that the vision of Adobe now is to make marketing smart and accessible online through Adobe Marketing Cloud, which will gonna turn out as the most comprehensive and integrated marketing solution in the Digital Marketing industry.

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