Are you Tired-up By Your Website? Here’s What to Do!

Are you Tired-up By Your Website Heres What to Do
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You own a website for many years from now, but not able to get even a single customer from it. The reason may be you haven’t ever heard of digital marketing and are not aware of the terms like search engine operations (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing etc.

If Yes!! Then, don’t worry. This article is especially for those business owners who maintain their website that was designed just to fulfill a formality of having a website to showcase their products and services with-in their present customers.

It’s time for them to wake-up and explores each opportunity which they currently are missing for their business growth.

Do not just create a website for your business as a hobby but do realize the fact that it’s a platform for you to earn millions. And if you don’t know how? Then let me help you.

You can get a tremendous amount of business from your website by making new customers visit or search you through your stock-still business website.

And, that’s what I’m going to explain through this article. This article contains all the information you need to know after having a web design ready for your services.

After all! You are a business owner and must always be thinking of profits from your investments and having a website is a really good investment!

Alright!! So let’s start with the very first point.

All you need is a Responsive Website!

It is significant for those companies who own business websites from past many years and are still unaware of the fact that having a responsive web design helps their website to get some points upwards in search engine results.

If you don’t have a responsive web design it simply means the prospect for your service or product stumbles onto your website from your users’ tablets, smartphones or even on other devices.

Non-responsive websites create a pathetic user experience because your website does not have the capabilities to adjust its edges according to the screen size of the device your various customers use.

How to know if your website is responsive or not?

It’s quite simple just open the URL of your website in whatever device you hold in your hand and check if it appears to be a normal website display or needs to slide left and right from the screen to read the information on your website.

If you are using left and right slides then your website is not responsive. Hence, it is always better to check it first by yourself and then contacting a professional website designing company could be another good option that is available for you.

Useful Tip: If you are using Mozilla web browser, then you can simply press “CTRL+SHIFT+M” to unlock the secret doors for checking the responsiveness of any website.

See, below image for a Responsive and Non-Responsive website look, respectively:

Website Responsive Check

Website Responsive Check2

Write Original, Unique and Interesting Content for Your Website, Don’t Copy from Other’s Sites

Those were the days when you copied low-quality content from other’s website. You’re in the 2017th year of advanced SEO cosmos where search engines work differently and give more priority to user-friendly websites containing user’s useful material.

In today’s search engine’s technology, search engines are smarter than before and can easily identify the web pages containing more quality measures to put them on the deserving place over search results pages by using approx more than 200 search ranking factors to determine and rank the most relevant web page.

Content plays the most critical role for any website and if you still come up with the same stale and boring content, then you can never expect any business especially from Google.

And in most of the cases for thin contents, Google may penalize the sites.

Your web content is like a brand ambassador for your company, and if it’s not on point, then probably you will lose out on online sales.

Hence it’s better to make compelling use of your website and offer only unique insight and quality information to your users.

By having excellent information copy on your website is one of the most important things you can ever do for your business. Insightful! I mean that makes the content resonates and displays your prospects as any user travel through the purchase process for your service or product.

You Need to have an Attractive Landing Page for Your Website

The landing page is a web page that helps you to showcase the most useful information to your site visitors who are willing to seek some kind of service.

Once, they got landed, and then there are several ways to collect the information to the visitors who landed on your landing page like; asking them to fill the form or giving an option to subscribe for newsletter etc.

To gather all the necessary information about your users, you need to have an attractive and appealing landing page which will attract and help visitors to draw attention to fill the form and for that must have attractive images and informative write-ups about your service or product.

Make sure not to add too much of content because landing pages are not meant for ranking purpose. They are like online billboards containing only useful information about a product and asking customers to simply contact.

Use Paid Services like PPC(Pay Per Click):

Run a PPC campaign to bring more traffic towards your business website from Google!

Here’s how PPC (pay-per-click) works: First simply create a Google Adwords account and create an ad for the products you want to sell. All you need is to pay the amount for a click-based ad or for an ad impression.

PPC’s main purpose is just to convert your website users/visitors into your customers. – Read Our PPC Services Page for more details

But, for a successful PPC campaign, a landing page plays the most critical role in converting visitors into leads.

PPC Tip: Start with a relevant keyword research for the widely used search engine terms that can benefit you more instead of just selecting a random keyword from your targeted keyword list.

Because the more searches on your keyword will increase the chances for your business website to get new customers online.

Hence, PPC is always a better option to spend on as there is no need to spend much, just pay for the budget you set for your ad campaign and it will start working for you to generate the online leads.

You can also start your PPC campaign even if you already taking benefits from SEO.

Eventually, SEO does affect positively to PPC landing pages because it helps in increasing the “Page Quality Score” which is one of the major factors for above the cut rankings through PPC ads.

Hire Professional SEO Service Providers for Digital Marketing Campaigns

Many website owners start optimizing websites by their own, which is a good thing in fact! But hiring any professional & reliable SEO services company is always a better choice.

Reason being, they know how things work in different domains and they consist years of experience in working on several websites for the same kind of targeted audience. So why not contact them?

Moreover, self SEO sometimes becomes a devastating piece of stuff because it contains the lack of proper understanding of how things work under SEO and professionals are always aware of the updates performed by search engines and how to crack them for website’s higher rankings.

This kind of knowledge is somewhere difficult to understand especially when you just started with SEO because it easily takes years for anyone to reach up to that level.

At last, there is no need to get embarrassed or desolate by your online website, just follow the above-shared points and see how your website gets converted from rust into a money making a machine for your business.

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