Benefits of Infographic Promotions – By Anubav Garg

Benefits of Infographic Promotions in 2018-2019

Benefits of Infographic Promotions in 2018-2019

Benefits of Infographic Promotions

Using charts, maps, illustrations, data visualizations, interactive, and animations to convey complex stories with a direct conscious perceptiveness through various visual representations of information, data or knowledge is called Infographic.

The core purpose of an infographic promotion in 2018-2019 is to simplify complex ideas of marketing more widely known or more successfully presented with a clipped compound of “information” and “graphics”. By sing Infographic Promotions you can present an overview of a topic instead of an in-depth analysis.

They make an excellent hallmark of a truly great story and have the ability to capture the attention of many different types of readers/customers/clients especially on the internet. The same is true for your marketing/sales promotions where simple and complex ideas of your products and services are told with the help of visual data stories.

Infographic promotions in the year 2018-2019 have a great impact on the online audience especially data stories, the ones told with visualizations remain in your mind forever.

Infographic Promotions can make your message believable by using customer quotes, testimonials, expert support, and of course, good data. You’re using your data to communicate a message.

Benefits of Infographic Promotions in the year 2018-2019:   

With the rise of the “visual web,” content marketing is becoming more image-centric. Using Infographics to market without words has become one of the most effective ways to share your message, establish authority and drive traffic and shares across social platforms. Infographics have a profound impact on both traffic and social actions on websites and blogs around the Internet. No wonder this phenomenon has been continuously growing.

If you place good elements together in order to convey a good message/idea and share it, then this Infographic will drive quality traffic back to your website.

Not merely restricted to technology, business, social media, economics and health industries, infographics are proving to be a powerhouse form of content marketing for businesses across a vast range across the globe.

Do remember while racking up those hundreds of social shares, views, links, and comments; good infographics tend to spread like wildfire.

A well-designed Infographics which is created around interesting or thought-provoking topics generates a perfect storm for social shares and viral success. What makes infographics an attractive tool for instruction and marketing is its ability to package more information in a smaller space.

And to create these socially highlighted superpowers you need to plan, create and share infographics that drive traffic on the visual web, considering the below points:

  1. Story – That’s a big idea, showcase your ‘WOW!’
  2. Style – Visually appealing, balanced and consistent.
  3. Simplicity – Stick to one style for images, graphics, and photos. Be consistent and limit your fonts. Restrict your color palette. Establish flow and connections from section to section.
  4. The size should fit the medium; ideal horizontal width is now 735 pixels don’t go wider than this to avoid resizing. Use a compressed JPEG image to reduce load-time.