Blogging V/S Podcasting Which One Is Better for Brand Promotion?

Every business firm in the market is striving hard to leave no stone unturned in reaching out to their target audience online. With the aim of competing hard and increasing the visibility of their brands and products online, they are switching to every effective mode of promotion and when one goes online, it is demanded of you to mark your presence by remaining socially active and generate engagement to invite more traffic on your website.

With Google’s fresh approach to indexing search results for podcasts, the future of podcasting seems to compete hard with the phenomenal trend of blogging.

Well, it would be quiet hard to crack in case of choosing the best mode for promotion among the two. Still, we can consider some major parameters to reach out at the conclusion.


Although, both are effective in generating brand awareness what makes podcasts stand out is its quality of getting operated anywhere and anytime. That means you can simply listen to it afterward, once the podcast gets recorded. 

What catches the mind is the words when one listens to it. It leaves an impression about a certain product or series on the minds of the listeners whereas the audience is likely to skim up the blog owing to the busy schedule. It becomes difficult to follow each and every blog.


The major drawback of podcasts is that it is accessed by less than half of the customers online and the term is still alien to most of the people out there while the phenomenal aspect of blogs is still its redeemer which makes it stand out even in stiff competition with fresh online marketing trends.


No doubt, podcasting is emerging as the major evolution in the history of digital marketing but it is far from proving a strong marketing weapon in ruling the search engines. Various SEO firms are still skeptic about the use of podcasts for marketing; SEO Firm India.

Interesting and engaging blogs are still the topmost priorities to rule the advertising marketing frame; SEO company in India.


Apart from acquainting people with the burning trends in the market along with some spicy facts, which blogging excels in as a mode of generating engagement, one needs to reach out to the customers through the means of communication.

Inclination of various SEO agency in India towards the booming trend of podcasts can be sensed as the foundation of something grand force to rule in future. It’s like recreating the era of radios dipped in modification. Podcasts are indeed the perfect source for spreading the word of mouth to masses.

Content is Not Just About Blogging

Podcasting is going to face serious stiff competition with blogging as content can be displayed in any form for making it more understandable for the online visitor. Gifs, videos, images are some of the major forms of content which can prove a tough deal for podcasts to compete with in the same frame. 

At last, it can be concluded that the method of branding can be chosen in accordance with the targeting audience and the nature of the business.

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