The Mailbox is Still Most Effective At The Local Level On many occasions I have heard that the Mailbox is dead, which no longer serves as a technique of dissemination, communication and customer attraction. The point is that when I get home, each trip I find two or three publicity pamphlets from different companies. If the companies are dedicating their resources to this type of communication, some reason will have, no? The Mailbox is a technique of Direct Marketing thatRead More →


As per a report from Google, millions of web pages are created in a day, which is either useless or just created from the motive to get ranking soon in the SERPS which are known as web spams and are off against the google publisher guidelines. Although, every search engine has their own guidelines to judge the spam like Yahoo has their policies for web spam which are defined in Universal Anti-Spam Policy and for the Bing they are defined in Bing’s Webmaster Guidelines. Now,Read More →

Why Big Brands Are So Called -Featured Image

Why the Big Brands Are So Called? Google, YouTube, Apple, Facebook, … we all know these companies. We use their products daily and we no longer imagine our lives without them. They have almost become core of our existence. Today we will go a little beyond their products and innovations to discover why they are called so and not otherwise. Surely you will get very interesting stories! Google Milton Sirotta, nephew of mathematician Edward Kasner, invented at the age ofRead More →

What Are The Best Selling Products On eBay in 2017

What Are The Best Selling Products On eBay in 2017? Finding this out isn’t just a way to pass the time instead of working, it’s a way to find out what customers are in search of OR what’s going Trendy! So do you want the most of it, eBay Listing Services shows you what’s hot! eBay Listing Services shares insights about sell-through rates, average prices, breakdown by country and item condition. For many third-party sellers on eBay looking at theRead More →