Google has recently announced that they are adding badges on Image Search results on Google app for Android and mobile web.  -It’s like “When you want to bake cupcakes, but you don’t know what kind, Image Search can help you make a decision.” Google Image Search helps users to surf shots of your favorite people, things and places as well as research products, destinations, dishes and styles. Adding badges on images could give a proper idea for any images thatRead More →

Similar Items Rich Product Feature For Mobile, Web and Android Apps Featured Image

Image Search recently launched “Similar items” on mobile web and the Android Search app. The “Similar items” feature is designed to help users find products they love in photos that inspire them on Google Image Search. Using machine vision technology, the Similar items feature identifies products in lifestyle images and displays matching products to the user. Similar items supports handbags, sunglasses, and shoes and will cover other apparel and home & garden categories in the next few months. The SimilarRead More →

How Google Fought Webspam - A Report from 2016

With 2017 well underway, Google wanted to take a moment and share some of the insights they gathered in 2016 in their fight against webspam. Over the past year, they continued to find new ways of keeping spam from creating a poor quality search experience, and worked with webmasters around the world to make the web better. The Web spam team at Google did a lot behind the scenes to make sure that users can make full use of whatRead More →

Google Introduced Videos On Google Maps for Local Guides-Featured Image

Google Introduced Videos On Google Maps for Local Guides Here are new features for Google Maps Local Guides “Videos On Google Maps“: Now you can upload videos on Google Maps to help people see the world and make decisions about where to go. This feature allows local guides to upload videos of places that can be used by people for; Having a quick tour of the place they are planning to visit Seeing some interesting things happening at your ownRead More →


What is Adobe Marketing Cloud? Today’s marketer is challenged with complexities of marketing in a digital world. It’s new, it’s constantly changing, and marketer needs a partner to help them move at the speed of digital. Now every marketer can accelerate their shift to digital with Adobe Marketing Cloud to deliver a consistent, personalized experience across channels and prove that your marketing dollars are working. “Like Marketing overall, our digital initiatives are constantly evolving to meet changing customer demands andRead More →