SEO and Digital Marketing Career Scope In 2017-2018

SEO and Digital Marketing Career Scope In 2017-2018 As you all know, internet is spreading his hands around the globe very quickly and efficiently and now internet is available even in the small villages in many country due to which the competition in online market has taken a high speed and now the situation is that every online business wants their website to get on the top places in the search results on the most competitive terms related to their industry from where they can get moreRead More →

What Is More Important, Creating Good Content Or Creating Backlinks For A Website

While Link building is one of the oldest and most effective SEO [Search Engine Optimization] tactics, Writing great content is a choice. When an external website links to yours it is called as “Backlinks”. This is what some people refer to them as “external Backlinks”. Backlinks are one of the most productive ways to grow organic search traffic. Though, link building can actually harm your traffic, too, if the website or content you are linking is not relevant. Historically, linksRead More →


How to Optimize a Website for Higher Search Rankings Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of increasing the search visibility of a website in the search engine. The major role of SEO practices is to increase a website’s traffic and leads by targeting right audience on the product and services offered. Furthermore, in SEO websites are optimized for two critical factors On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization. Although, both the techniques have been used by every SEO since the beginning ofRead More →

Marketing Strategy after Discounts Ban on eCommerce Retailers by Indian Government

What?? The Indian government banned eCommerce retail stores for the discount. Unfortunately, that’s true. Earlier in this year, Indian Government banned the heavy discounts and created a set of strict rules on e-commerce stores that officially tackle the aspects by which foreign direct investment can enter the e-commerce industry. Considering the new guidelines that came with some devastating emanations for two of the foundational pillars of India’s online retail industry, the Department of Industrial Promotion and Policy (DIPP) stated 100%Read More →

What is SEO OnPage and OffPage Spam Featured Image

Are you a newbie in the Digital Marketing world and looking for the articles that can benefit you in increasing your knowledge in Search Engine Optimization then read my Advanced SEO Training Guide 2017 but if you are looking to know about the types of spam that Google count and can cause you penalties, then you are at the very right place. Here, in this What is SEO On-page and Off-page Spam post, I have highlighted some most basic and important things which areRead More →


As per a report from Google, millions of web pages are created in a day, which is either useless or just created from the motive to get ranking soon in the SERPS which are known as web spams and are off against the google publisher guidelines. Although, every search engine has their own guidelines to judge the spam like Yahoo has their policies for web spam which are defined in Universal Anti-Spam Policy and for the Bing they are defined in Bing’s Webmaster Guidelines. Now,Read More →

Out of the box link building-infograph

Out of the Box Link Building Techniques 2017-2018 (Infographic) Many Search Engine Optimizers and SEO communities on Facebook, Google+ and other social media platforms are having the same question, What can be the other ways to build backlinks that will be different from the running methodology by submitting Classifieds, Articles, Guest Posts, Forums etc. etc….! After a week’s research on what could be the best possible Out of the Box Link Building Techniques 2017-2018, Here, I have shared some mostRead More →

What Are The Best Selling Products On eBay in 2017

What Are The Best Selling Products On eBay in 2017? Finding this out isn’t just a way to pass the time instead of working, it’s a way to find out what customers are in search of OR what’s going Trendy! So do you want the most of it, eBay Listing Services shows you what’s hot! eBay Listing Services shares insights about sell-through rates, average prices, breakdown by country and item condition. For many third-party sellers on eBay looking at theRead More →

How Much On-Page SEO Effect in Website Ranking

How Much On-Page SEO Effect in Website Ranking Many Search Engine Optimization professionals have one thing in their mind, as good as the backlink the better ranking you will get and that’s why they all start creating backlinks from the quality websites by applying the same Off-page techniques and maybe sometimes by applying some out of the box link building ideas. Well, there is nothing wrong in that and this is very necessary to get top spots in SERP’s. But, optimizing a websiteRead More →

Factors To Consider When Choosing SEO Packages For Business Website

Alright! So you own a business website and want some kind of promotional activities for that? Then, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the only best way to go for. But How? It’s pretty simple, you just have to reach out a professional SEO service company that assure your website’s online promotions in the best possible way and offers the SEO packages that not only fit your marketing budget but also help you to get customers from your website’s online presence.Read More →