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Difference Between Webpage Indexing and Webpage Cache

Every time I asked one question while taking interviews for my company’s recruitment, What is the difference between Webpage Indexing and Webpage Cache? But, hardly I get the right answer for that. Some guys said they both are the same thing while some answered these things happens when crawlers crawl the website. SERIOUSLY!!! I did not ask when these two things happen, I just asked the difference between these two.

But the answers were not always like that because some excellent and knowledgeable SEO experts gave correct answers for that and guess what, I Hired Them!!

Anyways, to make the topic “difference between web page indexing and web page cache” more clear to the new SEO professionals and bloggers, here is a quick 3-4 minutes guide that will clear all doubts and questions upon this confusing topic. Let’s start with….

What is Webpage Indexing?

Definition of Webpage Indexing: When you create a website or web page, the crawlers of the different search engines (called as internet Bots) crawl the web pages and index their content into their web servers. So that, they can reply to a search query with the relevant and most useful resource and for that crawlers generally used the information of  MetaData on the web pages, but with the increase of the indexing of web pages the search engines now refer the website content instead of using METADATA in order to provide the most useful resource .

You can check the indexing of any website by using this command in Google


What is Webpage Cache?

Definition of Webpage Cached: Webpage cached is an indexed view of a web page which shows how crawlers/spiders/bots will read your web page upside down or make a duplicate copy on their servers. Yeah..that’s right!!! Up Side Down. Because the process of crawling is accomplished from top to down and that’s why it is always advisable to let your content as above as possible by removing extra coding, this technique helps in the rankings.

You can check the cached view of any web page by using this command in Google URL and then click to text only version on the right side of that gray box.

Here I have shared a screenshot for that too….which shows how crawlers read web pages


What is the Difference Between Webpage Indexing and Webpage Cache?

Well, I think after reading above stuff you can now get your own thoughts and ideas, what can be the difference in those two. But, there is still one question that confuses people and I have personally seen people getting confused on that. The question is, Which thing happens first Webpage Indexing or Webpage Cache? And the answer is Indexing, if your website page is not indexed, how the crawlers will make its copy and save it on their databases. “Cache view of a web page occurs only after its indexing”.

And that’s all in that, I hope you enjoyed reading this. Do not forget to share your thought and views in the comment section below.

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