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Do’s and Don’ts of Local SEO For 2017-2018

Performing SEO without spam is a challenging task and if you are working for any locally based SEO project then it becomes critically important to follow the SEO guidelines.

Hence, knowing some top most and very important Do’s and Don’ts of Local SEO for 2017-2018 could help in generating good result.

Do’s and Don’ts of Local SEO 2017-2018

Analyze and Enhance Website On-Page

For any locally based business owner, a direct conversion point from website pages is equally important as other On-Page SEO activities.

That’s because a local service seeker always goes for a quick contact with the seller to get more information on a particular service of the product.

Hence, using correct business contact details along with working phone numbers are important.

Moreover, you can also try some conversion optimization practices that includes a one-click-calling feature by creating a calling link on phone number or can also add an API to attract website visitors to get clicks through a calling Image, please refer the image shared below for both types.

Click-To-Call Feature Image - img1

However, an easy click to call feature is required but using the right targeted service keywords with the page titles, meta and even on content part is equally important.

Using schemas markups on local business address helps a lot too for both, the search engine rankings and the targeted local website visitors.

Never Go for Writing Fake Reviews on a Local Business Listing

Although, that’s a very common practice to upgrade local business listings with fake reviews just to make it look attractive. However, it offers a signature mark as a most trusted seller to your client’s business but fake reviews may cause perpetual damage to your listing.

Yes, that’s true! because of high business reviews spam, most of the well reputed local business platforms have started using automated software that works on many factors to judge the authenticity of any review submitted.

If caught to be spam, the review will not get published or may get deleted completely from the listing.

Moreover, the listing platform can also delete the entire business profile just because of getting high spam intentionally generated reviews.

That’s obvious, everyone cares for there online earning business platforms. Afterall, it’s a source of their earnings and they just can’t let it spoiled by spammers 😛

Solution is: Ask your client to have some words with his customers and convince them to share a review for their services. Here, you may need to first convince your client only then he could ask his customers. – The most authentic way for getting real business reviews.

Do Not Copy Material From Other Resources

This issue is with many small business owners because most of them may generally be now aware with the “Website Designing” or “Online Marketing” kind of stuff and they hire anyone with having less experience.

What happens next is, content duplicity, keyword stuffing, low and very thin website design, no proper internal linking that brutally affect website’s ranking and it’s online reputation.

And that’s where they fall back in generating potential leads from their websites.

In the last 5-6 months, I received several calls from local business owners who were seeking for local SEO Services to their local business website.

But when going through with their website audit, I found content was 60-70% copied from another resource and website design was also not showing up properly, design’s customer convincing percentage was 0%.

Hence, it becomes critical for any Digital Marketer who is also in the industry of web designing to guide their customer/clients to keep a budget for online business marketing.

Business websites and marketing is an investment what too helps them in setting up their business and generate leads through the web.

Never List Local Business On Irrelevant Categories

Listing citations of local business on irrelevant categories can directly affect in search engine rankings.

Local business listings are one of the most critical practice to boost up the clients business search appearance and if you are listing a “Barber Shop” in the category of “Grocery Store” even by mistake, the results can be just opposite.

Hence, taking care for right business category always pays off because it creates chances for your client’s business to appear in the top 5 or top 10 spots in the suggested category that could directly help in generating leads.

A Local SEO Tip: Listing business citations and claiming business pages with proper map marking helps search engine crawlers with an exact judgment of your business place.

Use Social Media for Branding Purposes

Social media marketing is another really good practice to increase brand reputation and visibility score in search results and for a locally based business, Facebook marketing and Google+ marketing plays the most critical role.

Moreover, It’s important to build your brand and content on social media, as it’s a valuable way to help local customers find your business online.

Don’t forget to share your valuable comments and feedbacks. 🙂

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