E-Commerce Trends and Insights for Planning 2019 ECommerce Digital Marketing Strategy

With the evolving of technology, the E-commerce industry is witnessing a tornado of fresh trends which accounts to a smart way of directly approaching the customers online. With the approaching 2019, you need to gear up for implementing new ideas for planning of an effective marketing strategy for successfully running your e-commerce website.

Here are certain challenges which you can face while planning

Make eCommerce Website searchable for Voice Search

Voice search is becoming the most important trend of the e-commerce industry and a wide audience is now using voice search to search for their required products. Hence, it has become more important to upgrade ecommerce sites for voice search or in other words, make it compatible for the voice search. You need to conduct a thorough research for what a customer searches online by voice and target that particular keyword for more traffic at your website.

 This along with increasing the traffic on your website will increase your sales. For example: To buy a shoe online, normally user will type “shoes online” or “affordable shoes shops near me”. But the search scenario makes a difference here. Instead of those types queries, a voice search will be something like, “show me affordable daily wear shoes”.

Most of the users will use this type helping verbs for searching products online. For strategically implementing it, you should reach out to a reliable digital marketing service provider that can implement the same for your e-commerce store.

Market Products Video with Interesting Concepts

To rise above the rest in the highly competitive market of e-commerce, you can do the things which others are doing but in a distinguished manner to make your brand stand out. User may skip on content but an interesting video will surely engage him. Innovation and fresh concept are important of the keys here.

More visitors watching the video will help you develop reliability of your products online and this will eventually increase traffic on your website. Product videos with interesting concepts can generate engagement which will help you increase your sales.

Release Podcasts for Products

Podcasting is a great way of directly approaching your targeted audience through the medium of radio. Podcasts are becoming increasing popular for creating brand awareness about your products and services.

The best part of podcasts is that the episodes once recorded can be accessed anytime anywhere, which means your audience will never miss out on any updates. The key lies in connecting with your audience in their own language, a proper content strategy is the key to master.

 Listeners will go to any extent to listen to their favorite podcasts this will leads to audience’s direct interaction with your brand. Customers hardly have time to watch every video they come across, so you can try to reach them with the interesting audios about your brand to engage them.

Use Affiliate Marketing to Boost Up Sales

Affiliate marketing accounts to the most effective techniques of promoting your products or services through different affiliates. In broader terms, it means hiring certain number of affiliates for the promotion of your brand and each affiliate will be paid in accordance with the traffic brought by him to your website. It is basically a way of earning commission by promoting products or services of others.

The perfect implementation of affiliate strategy will help you expand your brand in new markets thereby generating strong online presence. It is cost-effective strategy to boosts organic traffic at faster pace through referrals. 

You can increase conversions at your website by contacting the perfect internet marketing services provider which by implementing certain effective techniques help you gain the expected results.

List Products on eCommerce Market Places with the Brand Name

With E-commerce spreading its wings of dominance, from smallest to the largest thing can be purchased sitting in the comfort of your home. With a perfect platform for all the necessary products a customer is looking for and owing to the advantage of 24/7, he can order any product online at any time and the product will be delivered at the respective address timely.

What more can you ask for in this continuously evolving technological world? Furthermore, listing your website with a proper brand name will help you maintain the industrial standards and gather the attention of the brand conscious audience increasing their feasibility. This will help you reap maximum profit and great customer experience.

Run Carousel Campaigns for Latest Sales and Discount Offer on Facebook

Carousel ads are a way of generating brand awareness on Facebook. Nearly 68% of adults use Facebook. Owing to the huge count, Facebook Carousel Campaigns are the best one to go for. Here the brand owner has the privilege to run nearly 10 images in one video which is quiet a cost-effective deal to come across. These ads are created in an innovative and creative way to make mark on the customer’s psyche.

With your Carousel ads running you can see your brand reaching out there to a grand audience. It is the perfect way of creating engagement as a user will eagerly swipe up the next image out of curiosity to know more about your products. You can target multiple personas with complete information in the form of video that too without feeling burden on your pockets.

The fact is, you can never beat an eCommerce competition unless you perform multi-channel marketing simultaneously for your website/brand.

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