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Google May 2020 Update

Google bewildered many webmasters with their second core update that got rolled out on 4th May 2020 amid the “new normal” Corona Virus.

Although, the timing of the update was criticized by many webmasters as sustaining business in the mid of Coronavirus is already challenging. The restrictions have resulted in a drop in traffic and sales for most of the industries.

It has become difficult for the SEO Company to adapt to fluctuating trends online.

This rage can be seen over twitter. This is an excerpt from a search metrics blog.

Is an algorithm update so important when most business is shut down and user searches have declined in many industries?

Google Core Update May 2020: All you need to know

Webmasters are confused and perplexed as to how to deal with the rapidly changing scenario? Where is the cut?

Due to the novel Coronavirus, many companies have shut down and the economy is on the rage. There has been a decrease in sales across many industries. Travel and airline industry suffered the worst.

The Google’s May Broad Core 2020 update has been renamed as a Pandemic update by the webmasters because of the launch timing.

What Do EAT and YMYL Stand for?

EAT- Expertise Authority Trustworthiness

YMYL- Your Money Your Life

Have you ever tried to decipher Google algorithm? You are not alone

Google always remains tight-lipped about the upcoming updates leaving webmasters and marketers completely perplexed.

Well, Google always throw hints, if you are smart enough to pick it.

In 2015, Google released Search Quality Evaluator guidelines  in response to a leaked version taking the web by fire.

These guidelines detail what Google wants and how it will differentiate between the low quality and the high-quality content on the web.

These are the major searches on Google May update 2020. Yes, it has become the keyword of May 2020.

What is “Beneficial Purpose”?

With this new update, the focus is on “beneficial Purpose”.

What is the purpose of the web page?  To help the user

A web page is aimed at answering 5 Ws (Who, What, When, Where and Why)

The page should fulfill the intended purpose but that also should be user-centered. A content created solely for the promotional purpose will now be treated as low-quality content in comparison to the content that enlightens.

The rating of the Page Quality is based upon the purpose of the page. Content should be about the users not for the search engines. Beneficial purpose means that your website should have some value; the content should provide value to the life of the individuals.

E-A-T and SEO: How to Create Content That Google Wants - Moz

YMYL: Accuracy and Expertise

YMYL is a type of content that directly affects people’s lifestyle, happiness, health, or financial stability. YMYL websites include health websites, news, shopping websites, insurance, transaction, or financial websites. 

Writing content for YMYL websites, the writers should have complete expertise about the subject matter so as to provide accurate information to the user. Google stresses the accuracy and content quality of a YMYL page.

The pages need to contain the highest level of EAT expertise.

E-A-T: Google Ranking Factor or False SEO Trend?

EAT:  Focus on Page Quality

SEO ranking factor E-A-T understandably explained - Mestar Digital

After May 2020 update the focus is on Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. As Danny Sullivan mentioned above, it is one of the important ranking factors.

EAT is indeed the Biggest Keyword for 2020

You need to know how EAT works for ranking your website.

To lay ahead in the competition, you need to optimize your website for EAT to improve the quality of search results and enhance the user experience.


How to Improve the Credibility and Authority of Your Website

Expertise:  Is the content creator expert on the topic?

Expertise rules the game here. For example, a food traveler writes about the food events attended by him personally.


What does Authoritative content literally mean?

Snippets deliver the best results and here is the accurate definition of what authoritative content means.

Yes, authoritative content should be delivered so as to help the search engine in delivering relevant results.

People know you, know your background and look you up as an expert in the industry. It is your responsibility to keep them updated with the latest and accurate information.


Trustworthy is also an important part of the content. The website should be credible enough and provide information that a user is actually searching for.

In short, for writing content in terms of  YMYL and EAT updates you need to have complete knowledge about the topic  for the industries related to medical, health, financial advice, information on scientific pages and research, News, Jobs etc.

It is all about having a great EAT score. An experienced SEO company will help you figure out the best EAT practices for your website through its suite of comprehensive SEO services.


  • Every content piece should fulfill the purpose
  • Expertise in the subject domain

EAT is focused on improving the criteria of results. Create content that solves the problem.

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