Follow these 5 Steps to Generate Online Business

Follow these 5 Steps to Generate Online Business

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Follow these 5 Steps to Generate Online Business

There are some principles everyone should consider to Generate Online Business. The marketing staple for years is customer acquisition process.

Before the Internet, an example of a customer acquisition process would have been a local newspaper ad that included a phone number and then a salesman followed up with anyone who called the number. Today, that may work, but other things work a lot better.

As the process evolves with changes in technology and marketing strategies, starting with a simple acquisition process is essential for small businesses to be more effective in targeting potential customers.

The Enticement:

Most important is you should follow a process that needs to draw the prospective customer to capture their information, especially an email address. Why email? It’s still the most effective way to follow up with someone. By acquiring their email you may offer them something enticing and free, offering something in return for the information such as an eBook, workshop, master class, report or how-to guide.

This acquisition process gives you three different types of traffic – cold, warm and hot. Customers categorized in all the three traffics know they have a problem, but what they don’t know is the key.

Advertise the Enticement:

Once you created the enticement with the acquisition process, advertise it now. And this advertising strategy need not be too complex. It could be to build an opt-in or as simple as a dedicated webpage. The strategy here is to get the potential customer to have no other choice than to enter their email. No extra links or buttons are needed – just copy, a picture of the bait and input fields so the person can add their name and email.

Send an Email and advertise:

Send them useful content to begin building a relationship. 10 to 20 percent will take action and if you’re selling something good and opt-in to receive a free gift. This way you’ll create a significant income.

Voice Searches:

On average, people type about 40 words per minute but can speak up to 150 words per minute. This difference in speed makes users more inclined to use voice searches, and per Google, the number of voice searches has doubled in their prevalence in the last year. Optimizing for voice searches will be integral to SEO in the future.

Video Advertising:

In the past year, video content has taken priority and this trend will continue. The demand for it is on the rise as 43% of users have expressed wanting to see more video content and 52% of marketers share the view that video content offers the greatest return on investment (ROI). The most popular devices such as tablets, phones, and computers all have video capabilities. Given their popularity with younger demographics, video advertising is the perfect medium for increasing social engagement.