How Much On-Page SEO Effect in Website Ranking

How Much On-Page SEO Effect in Website Ranking


How Much On-Page SEO Effect in Website Ranking

Many Search Engine Optimization professionals have one thing in their mind, as good as the backlink the better ranking you will get and that’s why they all start creating backlinks from the quality websites by applying the same Off-page techniques and maybe sometimes by applying some out of the box link building ideas.

Well, there is nothing wrong in that and this is very necessary to get top spots in SERP’s. But, optimizing a website in its On-page SEO factors first can reduce your hard work for link building and here in this “How Much On-Page SEO Effect in Website Ranking” I am going to tell you how???

Alright, let’s start from the beginning. Whenever you start a new project for SEO, you must be doing a complete website checkup, research for the KW’s that can easily get into the rankings and can bring more traffic and conversions… yeah I know this is common practice and even I do that too.

But, have you ever seriously checked or optimized the content of website pages after making a list of targeted keywords for the targeted pages.

I am sure, many of you must be doing that too, but still there is something which is missing from that page, which relates to its quality and length. Yes, this is what I am talking about.

Because, using tags, optimizing images, using videos, sitemaps etc. etc. are the basic needs of a website and for all those websites which are optimized or going to optimize will definitely going to have these treasures in them for sure and which are all same and I don’t think you can help you more in the rankings.

We can’t ignore the fact that, these practices help to make a website more searchable on different queries and search engine friendly. But for the motive of rankings they will stand nowhere in today’s SEO trend and the thing which matter is Unique, Genuine, Informative and Search Engine Friendly content not only on the website blogs but also on the service pages as well by including/targeting some of your most competitive keywords.

This makes some sense…!!! For the latest trend is SEO, one of the best things which we can do is targeting most competitive KW’s within the content of the service pages and can use remaining KW’s which are less competitive in the tags and other areas where we can use them, but make sure to have a good content with a good length.

As per our research on some of our clients website of different niches, we have got very remarkable results in the SERP’s and has achieved more than 60% of the rankings on the most competitive terms by applying this practice and we have made them rank in the top 10 places just on the basis of great quality content, without any link building in the first two months.

But as stated above, we have to optimize the website pages for all the On-page treasures that are necessary for a website to get find it in search results easily.