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How to Generate High Quality Backlinks from Authority Websites

In today’s SEO trend, Content Marketing is the most important factor to promote any website on the search engine and increase its visibility. But, many SEO professionals are still performing the same old fashion SEO practices to generate the backlinks for a website in order to improve its rankings in the major search engines. The things have changed and the way to do SEO has also changed a lot. Here in this post “How to generate High Quality Backlinks from Authority Website, we are going to define some mind boggling SEO practices to generate backlinks from high quality web sites.

Write Quality Articles and Post

Without articles, you cannot do content marketing. That’s why writing quality and informative articles that users love to read is only worth. Because, if your article is unique and giving some kind of useful information it can get lots of shares and will get rank soon on the SERP’s for the related search terms, which can further increase the chances for your website to get a link back from different authors and bloggers of the same industry. And, who knows, by whom and when you can bait that quality link from authority websites.

Pitch Highly Followed Influencers

Second most important practice in order to get a high quality link to a website is that, pitch the famous personalities of your industry who writes upon the latest industry chats and are having number of followers in the social media. The advantage of this pitching is, your article can get published by any famous writer, with a link back to your website, will automatically increase your website e-reputation and traffic. Not only this, you can yourself, look for the most followed and popular blogs, where you can submit your articles and informative generic stuffs for the readers.

The thing can take your time and efforts, but if you are able to generate even a single backlink from that type of niche based high authority website after pitching the authors, then it will worthiness from the numbers of links you make from general and low quality websites.

Comment on Niche Blogs

Though, blog commenting is not so popular as it was in the earlier trend of SEO, but performing it only through the niche based blogs can still make a difference. We cannot regret from the fact that, commenting on blogs now give “no-follow” backlink, but if done on an industry related blog can drive lots of traffic and sometimes leads as well. And, to be very frank with you all!! We think this is the easiest, but a practice which has to be intelligently done, because as you are leaving a comment and referring a website then it has to be look very genuine to leverage benefits.

Help Others and Let them Think to Help You

This is the concept which we are trying for almost our every project, we do social sharing and article promotions for our clients but, we also so share the articles and blog posts of other bloggers and writers of the same industry by highlighting their names in the shares on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. This is sometimes working like a magic for the websites. By sharing others stuffs, will definitely let them think about you and some day they will for-sure look at your profiles and shares, which can help you to get backlinks for your website and while performing this activity if asked them for a guest contribution, they will definitely get ready for this.

Don’t forget to share your views on this, suggestions and further contributions are highly welcome!!!

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