How To Increase City-wise Search Results for a Website

As more local businesses are coming online for their brand promotions it has become important for every local business to apply the most advanced and result generated marketing strategy so their business’s online searches get improved.

Without waiting more, you can read the tips and techniques you can implement to improve the city-wise search results for any website.

Use City Name in the Content along with Service Keywords

This is one of the best practice to increase the websites visibility on City-wise search results, because most of the time people search for the nearest or In-City products or service providers while they are in search for a locally required need.

Mentioning your city in the content, Metas and Titles, Images can boost up your websites rankings in the search results for that particular city.

Don’t forget – Content is the King and building right content only for the targeted city using your City Based Keyword can get you unbeatable results for a long run.

Place Citations/Business Listings on City Business Listing Directories and Websites

Placing your business details, services and products on the business listing websites related to that particular city can help you a lot.

Because many of the times and especially for City-based local/city based search results, those business listing websites and directories came up, where you have placed your business service and product listing.

For Example: Google offers a platform to submit a business listing, which also appears on the results if someone searches on Google Search Engines and the same happens with Bing and Aabaco Small Business listings.

Not only this, but you can also use several other City-based local business listing websites and directories which can help you a lot to increase your website’s search engine rankings for city based searches.

Because, Search engines also need signals to identify the Locally targeted services, Nationwide targeted services, and International targeted services before offering the rankings of a website on the search queries.

Search for the City Based Online Maps and Add your Business Location on Them

This one i have took from one of my latest research on which I am going to blog very soon with detailed results, where i applied a trick to place the business location with complete details for a website on the City based online Maps which are offering to place your location for the (Parks, Restaurants, Buildings, Shopping Complex, Etc.), for which I have got some good results till now and the website’s for which I was applying this technique also getting its positions in the targeted City search results.

So, looking for this can also help you a lot but for the final results you have to stay tuned.

Hunt for the Local/City Based Backlinks for your Website

You can generate backlinks from the targeted city based sources, I am not talking about the business listings and maps here, though many of them offers you to add your website URL.

But this is something of different concepts. For this, you have to do little hard work, you have to search for the pages or websites related to your industry or niche, which are offering some source of information on your industry from where you can get a backlink pointing towards your website like “Famous Barber Shop in Chennai”

Which includes your Keyword and the city name where that service provider is available. But make sure to target the same keyword in your targeted page for more better results.

If Possible, Then Use City Name in URL with Company/Service Name

If you are not too late in purchasing a Website/Company/Service/Product URL, then make sure to add your targeted city name in that. For Example: Using www . main-domain-name(with (-) or without (-) city name) . com can help you better for the City based search results instead of just using simple www . example . com.

Because, targeting your online business for a particular City may need your website URL to be more specific and informative, so that search engine algorithms can easily catch them for the particular location.

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