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How to Increase Facebook Page Likes and Reach Tremendously

How to Increase Facebook Page Likes and Reach Tremendously

Social Media, an another strong platform to increase the traffic and sales for any website. But in order to get that kind of stats in your analytics, you need some hard work along with little smartness. Here, in this “How to Increase Facebook Page Likes and Reach Tremendously” post, I am going to share you a research which SEOServiceinIndia conducted on their Social Platform, resulted in increasing the brand’s Facebook page insights tremendously.

And, with that research their weekly Total Page likes getting 97.1% hike from the last week and Total Posts reach increased to 3,359.1%, below is the snapshot for that:


The Question is!! What they did and How!!!

Well!! As per some words with the Social Media team at SEO Service in IndiaI came to know some very important facts about promotions on social media marketing and all of them are very useful in the promotions which lead to those insights for them. Alright, I will not bore you anymore, let’s quickly check out those cool things are.

Don’t be Lazy in Regular Updation of Page

YES!! This is the first point they mentioned, posting of new status on a regular basis, does not matter if they are related to your website or others, but make sure they are from the same niche/industry. When I went into more deep on this topic, they said – Sharing information which has some value to the readers in checking out is only worth and for that they used to share latest updates from Moz, Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch, yeah, we know these are the giants in the industry, but that too along with the latest blog posts on their website too, which automatically tends to increase their reach among the people of relates to the same industry.

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Smartly Using of #Tags

We all know, twitter is the king of #tags but, if they are used smartly on other social media platforms can make a lot of difference, not only in the post reach but also helps to increase the followers and likes.  The reason behind that is, #tags are the source to open the doors for your updates to increase their reach worldwide and as you can see the reach they have got on this post is ultimate with only a total of 138 on their Facebook Official Page:

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Use @-Mentioned in Post Descriptions

This is something not in trend on social platforms other than twitter. I am not going to describe how to use them @’s here, but they are really great value. The importance of using @-Mentioned in the description of the updates is, you can catch the eyes of the most following pages in your industry and the people you are following by inviting them from @-mentioned on your page to come and read particular post and you can never know, if they like it enough to share on their pages..

The core idea behind that, which the team stated, is – just to increase the reach and likes of the Facebook page through the pages and profiles of influencers. Because this is a very great trick or idea to increase the page views and popularity.

Comment on Posts of Popular Pages

The thing we all used to do from our personal Facebook profile, the same thing applies to this technique to increase the Facebook page likes and reach tremendously. Because, commenting is a source from where you can not only attract the admin of a Facebook page, but also people who have already liked or commented there, which acts like a “pond full of fishes”It is the very best way to increase visibility and importance of the pages, through which you can get new likes and followers. And, this is something the SSI team applied.

Stop Being Tedious and Share Fun Loving Stuffs

It is not always necessary to share serious and knowledgeable posts because sometimes they can offend the users and they can feel bored from your regular updating of stuff which includes only reading and understanding. Come On Guys!! everybody need something which can induce a smile on faces and it does not matter through which source you getting; Videos, Articles, Cartoon Images, Infographic Etc! Etc! And, the same thing SEO Service in India team did, they ask me to prepare a post on something funny interesting thing related to our industry.

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So, these are the insiders that can help you to become a successful admin of popular official social media brand page for any brand. These techniques to increase Facebook page likes and reach are very effective if you are a new startup and cannot afford to run Facebook paid advertisement. Try these killer techniques on How to Increase Facebook Page Likes and Reach Tremendously.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and views on this.

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