How to Write an SEO Optimized Press Release

How to Write an SEO Optimized Press Release

Press Release

Are you finding it quiet challenging to write your first press release? Here is your PR guide which will help you increase your brand awareness.

The main idea behind writing any press release is to provide information to the visitors on your website. The information might pertain to any topic whether it is something fresh you want to acquaint the visitors with or you are writing an information which would be beneficial for the visitor who visit your website.

An SEO Optimized Press release is the way of providing an information in compliance with the certain Search Engine Optimization protocols which if given consideration can help you increase your brand awareness. Here is how you can achieve it:

Targeted Audience

In today’s world apart from targeting the audience through your press release you need to create a post which appeal your targeted customers. As the more relevant audience your press release covers the more it will affect your visibility online. The traffic on your website will witness an upsurge and your sales will increase dramatically.

Knowledgeable Post

A good informative piece of Press Release highlights main traits of your topic which will help your increase the credibility and the reliability of your business.


What is quiet challenging is writing the summary. You need to cover the important aspects and summarize it up in 80-characters summary which should clearly shed light on your story. It should be catchy and provoking to make the visitor go through it.


The 250 words copy should narrate about everything your topic is about with inclusion of relevant keywords and proof read your content if it answers all the 5Ws questions?

Relevant Keywords

Keywords are the driving force of any content. You need to undergo proper research for finding the relevant and related keywords which will help your press release rule the search engine. Placement of keywords in summary, Introductory paragraph and the remaining content body help google fetch the relevant idea about what your press release is about.

Include Multimedia

Use relevant videos, audios and images which goes relevant with your Press release

Technique of Backlinking

The reach of a press release also depends upon the backlinks. Inclusion of the website’s link with the targeted keyword proves beneficial. Along with that, maximizing the backlinks in cooperation with proper implementation with SEO techniques will help you gain visitors from the other websites to your site which will eventually increase your brand awareness online.

Detail About the Company

Brief about your company in third person and include some details regarding the story of your press   release.