Podcast On Search Results: Search Your Favorite Podcast Online

Yes, you have heard it right. Google is optimizing the search results for podcasts which means now you can listen to your favorite podcast by mere Googling it!

The news was in the buzz for quite sometime now and now Google has finally unleashed the availability of the very feature from the coming week.

The individuals will now be able to avail of the feature on their Android, iOS, and desktops. It is a major move by Google to transform the audio part.  Which means now you will not miss out on a single episode of your favorite podcasts.

With the growing population of mobile and internet users, this move of Google to have podcasts on search results is sure to take a flight at a grand level.

(Search engine Land: How the podcasts search appears over mobile)

Features in Podcasts

Deeper Podcasts Search

This feature along with the searching title and metadata bears the potential for searching audios within the podcasts itself.

Podcast Markup

Through special podcast structure data, you can access your favorite podcasts without any hassle as Google through this data analysis your search and delivers the relevant data on the search pages.

This feature is potentially available through Google search app on Android, Chrome for Android, Google Assistant, Google Podcast app and Google Home.

In short, it is surely the panacea for those who are active with their podcasts as this is going to increase the visibility in the search and the content is more likely to be operated by maximum users. Don’t forget to use podcast markup for gaining visibility from the audio files.

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