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So, having an interview and need to prepare yourself for the most technical and practical SEO interview questions? Then you just discovered the article you may be looking for a while.

In this technical SEO interview questions section, I have tried to cover some of the most hardest, tricky and practical SEO interview questions any interviewer could ask.

So, unlock the treasure below👍

SEO Technical Interview Question 1: How will you start with the SEO or Marketing on a Newly Built or an Untouched Website?

Detailed Answer:

In marketing, there is one popular phrase “What people see is what sells”. So, like any other product that is ready to be sold has to standout with 100% customer satisfaction levels.

The same goes with the websites, even ever you sell something online – it could be a product or a service – it’s important to have a fully functioning platform that should be easy to use for the users.

As you know – “The first impression is the Last Impression”, now if the selling platform itself unable to meet the customer’s satisfactory levels, how can they rely on your product?

So, before starting SEO or Marketing on a newly developed or in fact on any old domain, it’s important to check;

  • 404 Errors:

If the website contains 404 pages that are hyperlinked from the body of the content or through the navigation section. Because they will offer a bad user experience and could become a reason for generating fewer user queries.

Hence, it is important to check it! How to Check? There are many software to check 404 errors on websites, like; Xenu, ScreamingFrog.

For online tools, use them; brokenlinkcheck(dot)com, deadlinkchecker(dot)com, etc.

  • Check Mobile Friendliness

The second important thing to check before starting with SEO practices is whether the platform is friendly with different screen sizes?

Since a wider online audience has started using smartphones the number of search queries has been increased compared to last year.

Hence, U/I has become a major factor when it comes to selling online. So, mobile friendliness is another factor I will check before starting with marketing practices.

To quickly check whether the website is mobile friendly or not press “CTRL+M” on CHROME”

SEO Most Technical and Practical Interview Questions - 2

  • Conversion Rate Optimization:

In the next step, Inform them – you will check if the website has proper implementations of forms to increase conversions.

Expand your answer by saying – there should be proper implementations of contact form on all pages. Now, what is the best place for it? Simply say, “In the First Scroll” or “In The First Screen View“. See the image below for instance. Also, make sure all the contact forms should be working.

SEO Most Technical and Practical Interview Questions - 1

Along with this, having any “Live Chat Support” box will be a great option! Because live chat boxes have the potential to attract 10-15% visitors to get quick answers to their queries. You can even name of some like Tawkto, Zendesk, Purechat, etc

  • Duplicate Content & Appealingness

Remember, you are going to promote the platform on search engines. So, never forget to mention this point. It’s important to check if the content is unique or duplicate.

Further, it is also important to check whether the content is appealing or not. Because, any customer searching online for any service will never hire someone with a lazy, non-appealing or non-encouraged content on pages.

  • Once All Set, Let’s fire up with Off-Page

So, after checking all the necessary and critical factors for a new domain. Start building brand profiles and business listings first as they allow backlinks from really high authority domains.

Resource: Company And Brand Profile Creation Websites List 2017-2018

SEO Technical Interview Question 2: What Does “Crawl Stats” Means in Google Webmasters Tool

Detailed Answer:

The “Crawl Stats” in GW tool indicates the number of;

  • Pages Crawled Per Day of a Verified Property
  • Kilobytes downloaded per day of a Verified Property
  • Time spent downloading a page (in milliseconds) of a Verified Property

This is the Googlebot activity on verified property of last 90 Days. – Don’t forget it!

How Does It Help?

The “Crawl Stats” data is very useful in understanding the performance of website with Search Engine Crawlers. It showed the nature of your web pages when search crawlers visit them. With this data, you can work on your website U/I and load speed so that the process of web page crawling, downloading could increase by lowering the downloading time.

Questions Contributed By: PRINCE NAMDEV (Google Adwords Certified)✔

SEO Technical Interview Question 3: What Will Happen If Used Multiple GA Code on the Same Page?

Detailed Answer:

Well, that’s a bit tricky. Because this is something you can never come to know unless you have faced this issue or tried it by yourself.

But, the best possible answer could be – By having multiple Google Analytics code on pages will create issues with the number of Page Views, Unique Page Views, Sessions, Bounce Rate or can even show wrong data of your Verified Goals.

But, one tricky point it:

[bctt tweet=”Using multiple tracking codes might be useful if users with access to different properties need to see data from the same website, or if you have multiple versions of a website.” username=”seoserviceinind”]

SEO Technical Interview Question 4: What Will Happen if Used Multiple H1 on a Single Page?

Detailed Answer:

There are two things to understand while answering this questions.

  • What will happen if used Multiple H1 Heading Tags?
  • What will happen if used Multiple Heading Tags?

Let’s discuss the first one and see it’s possible best answer.

  • What will happen if used Multiple H1 Heading Tags?

Unfortunately, using multiple H1 tags is actually not a good practice. Because the main role of heading tag is to define a particular section of a page’s content with its proper heading.

To be more precise with it, you can say: Heading tags are used to differentiate the contents of a web page on the same topic so that crawlers can easily identify the motive of the content by understanding the headings or sub-headings of different content sections.

Still Not Conceived??

[bctt tweet=” Simply say, multiple H1 on a single web page is an unhealthy SEO practice because it will confuse the crawlers with the main heading of the page and will also confuse them with the main keyword to focus on.” username=”seoserviceinind”]

Below is an example of this:

  • H1 > Social Media Company
  • H1 > Social Media Services
  • H1 > Social Media Benefits

This will surely confuse the crawlers for the main heading and will affect negatively on the SEO rankings.

  • What will happen if used Multiple Heading Tags? Is that a Good Practice them?

Of course, it is!

Look, there is a difference in “Multiple H1 Tags” and “Multiple Heading Tags” – by “Multiple H1 Tags” means using the only “H1” tag again and again.

But, when we can by using “Multiple Heading Tags” – it means to use different heading tags like H1, H2, H3, H4 or H5.

Using this SEO practice to target keywords is the best practice and even Google recommends this and does not consider it as a SPAM at all.

Reason???? It’s simple – A topic could have multiple headings that divides it’s different sections and offers good readability and understanding to readers.

For example:

  • H1 > NEET PG News and Latest Updates

Now, this could be a broad heading topic with lots of content and its subparts or sub-headings could be:

  • H2 > NEET PG News and Latest Updates: Course Details
  • H2 > NEET PG News and Latest Updates: Admit Card
  • H3 > NEET PG News and Latest Updates: Exam Date
  • H3 > NEET PG News and Latest Updates: Result Date

Now, this will give a really good impact on readers as well as crawlers and they will automatically start boosting the page’s rankings because it’s well organized and details shared are in depth.

Further, you have also targeted your keywords without creating spamming or confusing crawlers.

Now, if you offer a service then what’s the best way to implement it? See below!

  • H1 > Social Media Company Offering Best Social Media Services Globally
  • H2 > Social media Services Includes
  • H2 > Our Social Media Service Skills
  • H3 > Why We are the Most Reliable Social Media Company

I hope you now have a rock-solid answer to this question.

PS: Special Thanks to PRINCE NAMDEV (Google Adwords Certified)✔ for contributing these questions here.

Questions Contributed By Sahil Duggal – Digital Marketing Specialist

SEO Technical Interview Question 5: How do You Measure Success?

Detailed Answer:

That is a tricky question always. Because many of the candidates have just one answer and that is.”We measure success with the Rankings”. It’s important to understand that any SEO person who is helping website owners to get leads through their online portal is not only responsible for the “Rankings” but also for the;

  • The right amount of organic traffic generating from the targeted audience.
  • Conversion rates (Higher/Lower)
  • Bounce Rate (Higher/Lower)
  • Number of sessions created by a user – The more the better. Because that indicates your content is very well inter-linked and will also help with the better bounce rates.
  • Quality of the backlinks generated

A Bonus point will be, if you speak about different things you’ve tried measuring all these “Success Measures” and also explain what worked and didn’t. You can even ask to get the login to interviewer’s company website analytics to walk them through your analysis.

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