SEO Trends 2020: Best Practices to Stay On the Top!

With content being the primary focus for most of the Google updates in 2019, what 2020 wave conceals in for SEO?

SEO is a broad term and is constantly evolving. This year, Google along with the other major platforms aim at modifying the searches indirect proportionate with the relevancy of the query.

But the question is what SEO tactics will help you dominate the SERPs in 2020? How will they help in multiplying your revenue?

Here are SEO 2020 Trends to Look Forward:

SEO Trends 2020: E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness)

The overall reputation of the company will continue have a major impact on SERPs. The companies struggling to make a reputation online will witness hard time competing in the cut-throat scenario of online marketing. The technical and security issues are going to be of supreme concern in 2020.

SEO Trends 2020-Best Practices to Stay On the Top-1
SEO Trends 2020-Best Practices to Stay On the Top-1

The capacity to create a convincing online representation will be a major differentiating factor. Customer service, branding, Supply chain excellence and user experience will contribute to the determination of EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) of a brand online.

SEO Trends 2020: Technical SEO

The biggest SEO trend for SEO professionals to focus on is Technical SEO. The snail-paced websites are to suffer ranking drops with the UX surging up in the list of ranking factors in SERP. Does your website take longer than 3 seconds to load?

SEO Trends 2020-Best Practices to Stay On the Top-2
SEO Trends 2020-Best Practices to Stay On the Top-2

Well, you need to revamp the website by re-engineering the On-page. This sudden shift to technical SEO is fuelled by the JavaScript framework’s excessive usage and a need for SEO automation.

SEO Trends 2020: BERT

With Google’s primary focus being rendering the relevant and important information, launched its algorithm update BERT which will help in understanding the search better. The focus will be on understanding the context of the query.


The preposition “For” and “To” are going to be the key prepositions under BERT update and queries will witness high ranking in SERPs.  BERT focuses on quality content and on deciphering the search intent.

You just not only need to rank for the keyword but need to grab the perfect pulse of the searcher and create content matching the user’s intent. Intent matching is hailed paramount in 2020 for ranking high in SERPs.

SEO Trends 2020: Mobile SEO

Google switched its priorities by introducing Mobile-First Indexing which predominantly uses a mobile version of a website’s page for ranking and indexing.

SEO Trends 2020-Best Practices to Stay On the Top-4
SEO Trends 2020-Best Practices to Stay On the Top-4

If your page isn’t optimized for the mobile version and lacks content volume then you may lose out on rankings in both mobile and desktop versions.

Your site is required to be responsive on both Mobile and desktop versions for expecting the hit in the search engine rankings. The stress is on providing equal mobile and desktop experience.

SEO Trends 2020: Voice Search

With the voice searches becoming popular, maximum individuals try to type the thing the exact way they speak it and look for the prompt and exact answer to their query.

SEO Trends 2020-Best Practices to Stay On the Top-5
SEO Trends 2020-Best Practices to Stay On the Top-5

In lieu of this, you can focus on optimizing your website for long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords lead to maximum conversions. So, make sure your website is completely optimized for long-tail keywords for driving maximum traffic.

It is expected that more than 50% of internet searches will be conducted through voice in 2020. Therefore, your content needs to adapt to this new conversational trend to stand out in the search results.

SEO Trends 2020: Rich Snippets to Dominate the Search Clicks

Google is continuously evolving in its practices to improve search results through Featured snippets. These featured snippets occur above #1 search and are commonly referred to “Position 0”. You can take advantage of this by clearly answering the questions asked on your website. 

SEO Trends 2020-Best Practices to Stay On the Top-6
SEO Trends 2020-Best Practices to Stay On the Top-6

Google has a way of determining the quality of the featured snippets and you can drive more than half of the search engine clicks to your website if your featured snippet ranks in the search results. It’s all the content play.

SEO Trends 2020: SERP Marketing and Content Diversification 

For years, Google has been stepping up to become the ultimate destination for the searchers with knowledge graphs, interactive results and quick answers. This is where SERP marketing falls.

You need to stop focusing on the organic listing and start optimizing your website for SERP marketing elements like videos, images, knowledge graph, quick answers, and “People Also Ask” and featured snippet.

SEO Trends 2020-Best Practices to Stay On the Top-7
SEO Trends 2020-Best Practices to Stay On the Top-7

You can utilize SERP marketing tool for determining the important content format to dominate your target queries.

Under Content diversification, you need to constantly come up with quality content assets in various formats, which is incredibly hard to measure but with the help of technical tools like Biz Swipe it becomes pretty awesome.

Content diversification empowers your marketing and help in building more trusts and shares. You can use advanced filters to find partners who can help you with diversifying your content strategy.

SEO Trends 2020: Knowledge Graph Optimization

Google is forging new ways to include entity related information in the search results through the concept of augmentation theories. You can optimize the entities that your site is about by optimizing them for the knowledge graph and make sure they appear in knowledge panels.

SEO Trends 2020-Best Practices to Stay On the Top-8.jpg
SEO Trends 2020-Best Practices to Stay On the Top-8.jpg

Google is tracking real-world visits as declare quality visits as a ranking signal. Knowledge graph Optimization is great for Local SEO. Understanding the knowledge graphs will help in better linking with the concept and will benefit both the crawlers and users.

SEO Trends 2020: Zero Click Searches

Yeah, you have heard it right! It is going to be the most burning trend in the year 2020. You will need to focus more than simply the blue links! Adapting to Zero Click searches is the key. Marketing is happening on Google itself and not on your website as a result of which Zero Click searches are bound to turn the SEO sphere.

SEO Trends 2020-Best Practices to Stay On the Top-9.jpg
SEO Trends 2020-Best Practices to Stay On the Top-9.jpg

This means the user’s query will be answered on the snippet itself without them having to click anywhere. Don’t Panic! Identify what keywords can bring you clicks and invest efforts in optimizing your queries for “When”, “How”, “What” keywords that are most used in your industry. This technique is targeted for increasing actual clicks over impressions like featured snippets, favicon optimization, and image targeting.

SEO Trends 2020: Local SEO

The above mentioned zero-click searches are the local searches for which the results are shown in SERP itself. A local pack can take much space as compared to the entire SERP shown to the user.


By listing your Business on Google My Business and optimizing it for “near me, “address” and “Phone number” You can dominate a vast number of searches. Apart from that, locally authoritative backlinks are crucial for ranking high in SERPs.

SEO is moving fast. Get ahead of your competitors in 2020 by utilizing these burning trends to direct more traffic on your website. Just keep the hand on the pulse and play your best SEO shot!

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