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Top 10 Advanced SEO Strategies for 2018-2019 – Part 1

Search Engine Optimization has changed a lot over the last couple of years and search engines are also making themselves advanced to service better results to their users.  Although, Search engine optimization was not a rocket science earlier, now it has to be done very carefully by following the guidelines of major search engines.

Things have changed and so the strategies for SEO, now you can’t go with those half-dying SEO tactics for traffic and leads generation. You have to upgrade yourself with the current practices and latest SEO tips and tricks. To help you out in “What’s Latest”, Here I have shared top 10 advanced SEO strategies for 2018-2019 which will make a difference in the online search visibility of any website.

Note: This topic is divided into two parts, i.e Part – 1 which contains the Top 5 Advanced SEO Strategies for 2018-2019 from the Off-Page section and Part – 2 contains Top 5 insights from On-Page Sections (It’s Publisherd here: Top 10 Advanced SEO Strategies for 2018-2019 – Part 2).

Let’s start with the Off-Page section first,

Top 10 Advanced SEO Strategies for 2018-2019 – Part 1

Social Bookmarking in Style:

Either you are a newbie or an experienced SEO person, this is the first ever term in off-page SEP that every SEO expert listens or perform. But, have you ever wondered how you are are performing that practice. Are you still using those pathetic social bookmarking websites to bookmark a website service pages or blog posts? Then you must re-think on the website selection. During my latest research performed on SEO Service in India website, I have found, If we use and update a limited number of websites with good authority and user interface will help you to increase website traffic together with search engine rankings. But, the selection of the website depends on the type of products and services offered.

So, how to choose a relevant website and what to share??? Well, that’s pretty easy to decide all you need to see if you can arrange the products and services under a category. Example: Suppose you have kids fashion products for which you can use Bundler and can create a category for Kids Fashion where you can share news and trends related to kids fashion and your website products of the same category will work as product advertisements, which will then can be of more value because you could have already got number of followers on that bundle who must me checking the “What’s Latest” kind of stuff through your Kids Fashion Bundle and to see getting your website products will increase your CTR by up to 25-30% which is too high as compared to just regular posting of products.

Tip – People are hungry for interesting stuff and you are offering just the same.

Audience-Centric Article/Guest Post Submissions:

Most digital marketers used to publish high-quality content on third party websites which is perfectly fine and is one of the best SEO practice for getting good quality backlinks from authority websites. But, while doing so, you have to keep some important things in mind.

First, whatever you are writing or whatever the topic is, you have to create a stuff which should be in the interest of the third party’s website audience. Basically, you should make it for readers instead of single mindset for a backlink.

Second thing, Avoid promotional lines and paragraphs. Look, if you write articles after performing some research, then it won’t become promotional and this is a very practical thing. That’s why it is always advised to hire an industry-specific content writer if you cannot write articles by yourself. Because an industry-specific content writer could be having more deeper theoretical knowledge of industry related stuff which they can use in a very precise manner while writing articles by avoiding promotional lines. Instead, you can use press release submission services for all your promotional stuff.

Generate Blogs for Industry Newbies:

This is the most effective and advanced SEO practice to attract more visitors towards your website and is one of the best SEO practice, I have ever used for my client’s website as well. All you need to do is, Just deliver the topics for newcomers and make your website a learning source for them. This will impact huge benefits in terms of traffic, rankings, leads, and conversions. Moreover, performing this activity will drastically increase your website reputation and value on the search engines (especially on Google).

One important thing to note in this strategy is that it does not matter how old your website blog is. You can start creating teachable stuff at any time and for that, all you need is some social love from the industry related groups and communities.

Here I will take the example of Moz. These guys have been doing a tremendous job for many years and are one of the best fit as an example. Although, Moz offers SEO tools and Search Engine Services, they have learners from many areas of the globe and for all ages, either it is a newbie in the digital marketing community or an expert with years of experience they all learn something from there and even I learn a lot from there. And the value of their website is already known by all.

So, converting your website blog from a boring promotional and the self-praising kind of stuff into a great source of learning can give you extraordinary benefits.

Why Stop after Submitting Articles and Blogs? Start Curating Them!!

Are you an industry author? Yes!! Then it’s a good thing. But, Are you a Content Curator? No!! Then you must think twice. Because being an industry author and publishing article is not just enough, you must be aware of content curation practice too. Basically, content curation is a process of gathering relevant information on a particular interest of the area.

Whatever you publish or where ever you publish, you must curate them on content curation platforms. Not only this, even if you want to curate stuff of other authors and want to add them to your curation platform, Then nothing is better than this.

Content curations can be done for articles, blogs, press releases or whatever the type of content you publish, you can do all of them together in the curation sites of your choice.

Benefits: This will help your website to get more backlinks from good domain authority websites and most probably you will get do-follow backlinks. Another advantage is that it will help stronger your personal author profile and the stronger the personal profile is, the more followers you will get and more followers simply mean higher engagements on whatever you share. You know what I mean!!!

Don’t Just Create LBL’s and Company Profiles – Update Them As Well

This point is crucial, because whenever SEO professionals start creating a local business page or company profile for any brand or website, then the most common mistake that we do is!! We just create them just for the backlink purpose and after getting that we forget those platforms!!! This is the only thing that I was noticing for the last couple of years.

We create profiles on good authority websites, but always leave them blank or do not update them ever. This is a very blunder mistake that we all do. But It’s quite understood that this gets something more difficult to handle all of those and update them on a regular basis.

One more thing to note. Whenever we create a company profile or LBL for any brand, It gets to appear in the search results when we search for the brand name and if we are leaving it like that, then this will give a negative impression and will create a mentality to the users as if this company or organization is not much active in their industry. Which will also affect the overall search engine branding and online reputation?

So, It’s better to manage the created ones instead of just keep creating new ones. Because after sometimes, this practice will start leaving bad impacts on website rankings and I have seen them as well. And if properly managing the existed ones leaves good impacts on the search engines and impression on the users and customers.

Always Remember, getting backlinks is not the only target, try to build an organization for higher reputation on the web and search engines will automatically pick it up for the rankings.

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