Top 10 Digital Marketing Forums to Follow in 2018-2019

If you probably are thinking of what next. You may have heard about Digital marketing and want to get some knowledge or sink your foot into the ocean of Digital Marketing.

But where do you start? The question that pops every time you may want to pursue a career.

There are a ton of digital marketing forums that will teach you in and out of this big world. However, there isn’t anything as quirky as forums.

You can grow into a better marketer by indulging in some of the great forums out there in the market.

A Digital Marketing Forums is a place where you find valuable information, get some help, learn about, find business partners, and even make friends who share some of your interests

Given below are the TOP 10 Digital Marketing forums to follow in the year 2018-2019:

Digital Marketing Forum:

This Digital Marketing forum provides opportunities to connect and engage with SEO consultants, Digital marketing manager, SMO executives, and peers.

As customer expectations continue to rise, and with convenience as one of the largest drivers (think voice search, personalized offers, AI, automated contextual messaging) it is difficult to satisfy customer needs in this increasingly competitive environment. So, to stay ahead of the curve, benchmark strategies with peers facing the same challenges, and identify actionable tactics to maximize conversions.

Terrific Planet:

Traffic Planet was created because existing Digital Marketing forums had a bigger newbie member base. But online marketers had to graduate to something more advanced.

Black Hat Forum:

Yes Yes, black hat – it’s wrong. You should not me not to follow the path of the black hat as there some nuisance behind it. But here is the thing: At most times it’s the negative experience that helps us grow in a positive direction. It has all the information you need about techniques that used to work like a gem.

Warrior Forum:

This forum definitely packs a punch and is filled with webmasters that started their journey from the early 2000s, it throws information that you won’t find in any other random blogs.

Digital Point

covers a variety of topics related to digital marketing and provides information for the newbie needs.

Wicked fire:

If you are into online money making Wicked Fire is the forum you want to be. Here you will get knowledge about SEO, blogging, web design and Pay-per-click. It’s a nice junction for people.


Many may not know about V7N still but the little time I spend during my research was enough for me to put this amazing forum on the list.

UK Business Forum:

Don’t let the name of the forum play mind games with you as this forum has a tight-knit community that stands by meaningful communication about local SEO.


Its core value is affiliate marketing; it also includes threads regarding SEO and PPC.

SEO Chat Forum:

It’s dedicated to helping beginner level SEO to grow their knowledge on search engine optimization.

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