Top 10 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2020

Want to play your best shot on social media?

Is your audience getting what they expect from your brand?

What they are most concerned about?

These are some questions that one should strive to answer through social media. Therefore, you need to know what trends are going to dominate social media in 2020.

As we close this decade, now, there is no doubt that social media will be playing a great role in marketing and customer engagement.

How should a brand or business anticipate the future for social media?

Here we have breakdown some important social media marketing trends that are going to dominate 2020

Focus On Adding Human Elements

Every brand is continuously adopting fresh ways to grab the attention of their audience. How will you make your customers click among so many competitive forces?

The focus is on humanizing the brand for establishing a connection with the customers.

Brands are using pop culture and slang that relate with their customers to build a long-lasting relationship.

This trend is predicted to rise in 2020 with businesses adopting a personalized approach to marketing.

Tiktok and Reddit, Big Guns of Social Media

Diversification in social media can be witnessed with Facebook no longer remaining the stop it used to be.

The demographics are favoring the recent social media platforms like Tiktok and Reddit.

The content that resonates with your audience is the burning trend of 2020. 

Reddit is being considered for its authentic and authoritative source as a result of which consumers are growing rapidly.

It is known for creating internet culture.

With over 430 million active users, brands need to adopt Reddit as an inseparable part of their marketing strategy in 2020.

Though, Tiktok has recently entered the social media space and has gained immense popularity among Gen Z. 

Marketers are exploring ways of marketing through Tiktok as it promises great ROI too!

Video Story is King

According to recent statistics, video stories continue to be one of the most important trends in social media. 

Video will make up to 82% of all the internet traffic by 2022.


Marketers will be inclined towards creating engaging videos as a part of their marketing strategy.

The emphasis will be on creative and moving storytelling. Brands will have to have a keen eye as to how to engage users through video.

Social Shopping

Social Media has played an important role in expanding E-commerce into a multi-billionaire dollar industry in the US.

 Users desire to have access to their favorite products on social media. The main aim of social shopping is to create high interest through engaging storytelling where a customer doesn’t find the need to leave the social media site to buy the products.

Messaging Applications

Messaging Applications like Facebook, Whats App and Instagram allow us to create groups where we can share detailed information with others.

Messaging applications are used as connective tool and combined have nearly 5 billion users. That’s pretty huge isn’t it?

Word of Mouth Marketing

Building social media communities online helps with word of mouth marketing, which is another big social media trend for 2020.

These communities allow us to engage with micro-influencers who share an honest view about the product and services leveraged.

Quora marketing

Quora is the platform that demands expertise and if you are an expert in your field, then Quora is for you.

It is a great platform for building social reputation and first impressions.

Users turn up to Quora for finding answers to their queries. Authenticity is the thing that rules Quora. 

Brands utilize Quora to create an image online and building trust.


Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular these days. People are going crazy to great personalities and share their life lessons with others.

We can imagine podcasts becoming a huge sensation in 2020.

Stories 2.0

Nowadays, Brands are focused on incorporating micro-videos, Content that audience values and images in 2020 marketing strategy.

Stories are the perfect way to grab attention in a short time frame. Be sure to add CTA’s and a bottom line to your content. 

Stories are a great way to increase engagement with a touch of humanity through emojis and stickers.

Businesses and brands are going to make stories center of attraction for reaching their audiences and increasing engagement.

User-Generated Content(UGC)

The customers find the content generated by their peers far more valuable and trustworthy than yours. 

Comment and interact with your audience daily, Interact with your audience daily and run contests that drive UGC. 

So, these were the top 10 Social Media Marketing trends to watch out for in 2020.  Brands need to remain active on social media for creating good engagement.

Whether it is a video or short story, your content must be top-notch and interesting for the customer to relate and engage with.

Adopting the above social media trends will help you remain ahead of the curve on social media.

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