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Looking for some new, exciting and interesting On-Page SEO Tips and Tricks for 2017-2018. Then your wait is over, here I have shared some most useful and easy to do top 20 On-Page SEO tips and tricks that can work out for you in 2017-2018 and will help your websites or blog to jump up on the top positions in the search engines result pages of any search engine.

List of Top 20 On-Page SEO Tips and Tricks for 2017-2018:

  • Keep your text in HTML, this is a very basic thing to understand if you write your content or target your keywords within Images, Flash, Java-script the crawlers will not be able to understand them properly and will result in slow loading speed of your website, which will affect negatively in the rankings.
  • Always use the services of a reliable web hosting like Hostinger or Hostgator, because a website that goes offline will not be going to help you to rank well in the SERP’s of any search engine. The reason is that those websites start losing their trust in the search engines resulted in the drop in rankings.
  • Regularly search for your company name to check for any positive or negative review/feedback on other websites.
  • Using RSS feeds for all your blogs, articles, and new systems could be a healthy SEO practice for 2017
  • Use keywords for all inbound links. Using “click here” is not an ideal SEO practice.
  • Content, Content, and Content be sure to add some unique and useful content to your pages so that the crawlers will give some attention to your page.
  • As we are on the latest trends in SEO, I would suggest this On-Page SEO Tip for 2017-2018. Try to make separate pages for your services and their packages. Because doing that will double your chances to get your website visible in the SERPs (make sure to add content to those pages too..).
  • Put your main keywords and phrases on the Title of the page, Meta description, Meta keywords (not of much value, but still works), also use your keyword at least for once in your content’s first paragraph.
  • Don’t forget to mention Language tag a character tag in the HTML source code, this is important to use because crawlers identify the targeted location of the content through its character and the language tag.

    For example:
    <link rel=”alternate” href=”” hreflang=”es-es” />
    <link rel=”alternate” href=”” hreflang=”fr-fr” />
    <link rel=”alternate” href=”” hreflang=”pt-pt” />

  • Use Google Webmasters Tools as much as possible to see the errors of if any spammy thing is happening on your website. Not only this, you can also get “i“, “Links to your site“, “Crawl Errors” details from this. So..this is not only a tool, it is actually more than that.
  • Check your website’s URL on a regular basis, and remove broken links if any. Because these broken links give a negative impact on the crawlers and stop them from crawling the linked page.
  • Use the Canonical tag on each and every page, this SEO tip will stop the crawlers to get confused in the pages of your website and cross check if your website URL is appearing with “WWW” or “without-WWW”.
  • If you are running a local business website, then it’s very useful for you to upload a KML (Keyhole Markup Language) used to identify and label locations. Will give you the better result in the SERP’s.

For Example:-

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>

<kml xmlns=”www dot opengis dot net/kml/2.2″>



<name>New York City</name>

<description>New York City</description>







  • Do not copy content from another website, the content should be unique and informative for every Web page. Otherwise, you can get a chance to taste Panda Penalty, which is very harmful to the websites.
  • Use Robots.txt wisely to make sure crawlers index those pages which you want.
  • Use () in your URL’s instead of using “_” and “spaces-(%20)” for a better understanding of URL to the spiders or crawlers.
  • Include sensible and useful internal linking within the texts of your web page content to make sure all the pages get indexed properly by the crawlers. This will help in ranking and will also increase the page authority of webpages.
  • Don’t forget to Include both HTML, XML, and Image sitemap in your website Optimize the web page for the targeted keyword before starting the Search Engine Optimization of the page, the keyword density should be 5-6% of the targeted keyword. So, that the page get a good ranking automatically and the rest can be gain with the Backlinks.
  • Optimize the web page for the targeted keyword before starting the Link Building process. Keyword density should be 4-5% so that a page could get boosted up for the ranking automatically and the remaining can be achieved with the Backlinks.
  • Remember users will not come to your home page in order to navigate to another page, so make your website’s navigation is easy to navigate from any page.
  • The Images on the pages must include a proper keyword in the “ALT” and “TITLE” attributes instead of using an image name like this: – IMG1245.jpeg.
  • Include top most ranking video from the SERP into your web pages for the most competitive keyword in your industry will help you a lot in gaining the rankings you are willing to get.
  • Properly use H1, H2, and H3 tags, do not stuff them unless you don’t have a lengthy content.

Well, that’s all for now in TOP 20 On-Page SEO Tips and Tricks for 2017-2018, I hope you are using them in your websites or if not then start using them now and optimize your websites On-Page in a more advanced manner to achieve the desired ranking which can be further converted into conversions.

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