Unbeatable Methods & Techniques for B2B Mobile Marketing

Unbeatable Methods & Techniques for B2B Mobile Marketing

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The number of mobile phone users globally overtook the number of desktop users sometime last year. More and more business executives are turning to their mobile devices to research and make business decisions.

B2B marketers of both product and service companies are extensively using mobile marketing. And this was a global study for all the companies across the globe.

In this context, when enquired with the B2B marketers as to find out how extensively they were using mobile marketing in their overall marketing program; and what were the challenges they were facing to implementing an effective mobile marketing strategy in their organization.

Little wonder then, that in both B2B and B2C markets, the share of ad spending on mobile is considerably lower than the percentage of time users spend on the devices. Developing the right employee skills can be a big challenge.

Many B2B companies often don’t have the technical and analytical talent they need to design, execute, and track mobile strategies and campaigns, and these skills are in high demand in the market.


  • 67% organizations have been using mobile marketing for less than 2 years.
  • 64% respondents say their mobile marketing campaigns are integrated with their other marketing programs.
  • Investments in mobile marketing are presently just 64% and would increase in the next 12 months.
  • Organizations say they invest 51% in mobile marketing.
  • 33% respondents collect their customers’ mobile preferences and behavior data.

Digitization has brought a revolution and mobiles phones are one of its outcomes as most of the population has not just mobile phones but smartphones, who can access the world of internet, check emails, watch videos and browse various kinds of websites.

Hence, the mobile marketing has its own value whether it is a brand/service marketing or B2B Marketing.

B2B marketers need to integrate mobile into their overall buying experience. Smart marketers recognize that smartphone user experience is different from that of the desktop or laptop. B2B buyers want a fast, efficient, and productive mobile experience.

This means quick-loading mobile websites and app ­features, more B2C-like content, and a more seamless and integrated experience across channels.

Mobile web and app experiences need to be simpler, data entry needs to be limited and easy, and content should deemphasize text in favor of other formats such as video, infographics, and ­audio (such as podcasts).

Since B2B buyers use their phones to engage ­early in formulating buying intent, search, video, email, and social media are all important functions for marketers to get right in a mobile context.

The B2B purchase process can be long and complex, so high-quality, personalized content, delivered throughout the buying journey, is an important differentiator.

Mobile marketing plays an important role in enhancing team communication and collaboration as well as decision-making efficiency as B2B purchasing is often team-based.

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The success of B2B mobile leaders, and the approaches and techniques that they ­employ illustrate clear calls to action for B2B companies that don’t want to be left behind. These include:

  • Address buyers of time spent on – digital usage—on-the-go and in the workplace—is shifting dramatically to mobile.
  • Work to understand shifting customer behavior and mobile’s role, including key touch points and buyer expectations and needs.
  • Invest in creating a great mobile experience for customers (before they find other companies that have).
  • Recognize mobile’s impact, especially early in the purchase journey as customers formulate intent; last-click attribution will always undervalue mobile.
  • Track the buying experience across media and devices: accurate measurement has its challenges, but it can be done, and the technology and tools are steadily getting better.
  • Test increased investment in mobile advertising; learn what works and adjust strategy accordingly.
  • Adapt technology and data collection to a company’s business model and size; using the right data and tech tools well can be a competitive differentiator.

Here is Unbeatable Methods & Techniques for B2B Mobile Marketing B2B companies can use the customer journey:

  • Build immediacy in customer engagement with SMS texts:

SMS offers B2B marketers unparalleled reach, a simple method of engagement, and the ability to deliver information with a sense of immediacy. Although SMS is powerful in its own right, it is also a highly effective complement to other digital marketing tactics.

  • Extend the value of live events:

B2B buyers expect the content to be digitized and would also like to shift to live events from point-in-time activities to the centerpieces of ongoing customer interactions.

  • Enhance customer service and care:

Mobile is pivotal in customer care not only because of increased consumer usage and satisfaction with this touchpoint but also because of productivity gains. Today, virtually all customer service offers some mobile customer service capabilities.

Mobile is not only a channel for customer service but also an overarching aspect of the customer experience. Customer interaction should convey a consistent and personalized data, contextual knowledge, and provide valuable information.

  • Support the sales force:

As a B2B marketer, you should be well versed with creative tools for to use in this field for the sake of sales. Mobile devices present an opportunity to create dynamic, timely collateral that goes beyond standard case studies and leave-behinds.

For example, a medical technology company loaded short videos of its best customer references and product demos and provided them to their sales reps on mobile devices. Also, you can push out sales-enablement assets, such as pricing announcements, selling tips and quotas, buyer personas, competitive profiles, and the like.

In the B2B marketplace, mobile is moving fast. Despite the complexity of B2B purchasing mobile’s influence is reshaping the B2B purchase pathway. This is creating substantial opportunities for marketers who get it right. With B2B mobile marketing advertisers can maintain ad budgets but eliminate some of the waste when reaching current and potential customers.

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