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What are the Role and Responsibilities of An SEO Firm?

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The SEO firms’ crucial responsibility is to make your products and services to be the most popular and frequently searched terms and also bid closely related to the offerings you sell. The SEO Services is responsible for ensuring that a business’ online content can be found and viewed by potential and current customers.

What You Get From SEO Services:

SEO Services or Internet Marketing provides you more visibility, better branding, drive more traffic towards your website, by:

Initial Research, Audit, and Analysis (Business & Website):

SEO always starts with research, audit, and analysis. Every industry is different and therefore every website is different hence every client is different. Good SEO firms are experts at solving problems and overcoming challenges rather have a set of formulas for producing results.

There are too many variables to consider making predictions and getting potential customer finds your website online. The best SEO firms do an initial research, audit your website and provide you strategic analysis how should all web pages, products or services show into the 1st page of search engines by various key phrases.

Understanding Client Goals & Objectives:

Prior to starting any optimization work, the SEO companies in India need to understand what it is the client wishes to achieve.

The most common goals stated by clients are

“I want to rank better.” “How do I rank better?” “I need more traffic.”  “How do I get more traffic?” “I need more sales.” “How do I increase my online sales?” “I want greater online visibility?” “How do I get more people to know about my product/service?”

The approach an SEO consulting company might take to achieve a client’s goals can only be created once a clear understanding of objectives is achieved.  It is with this understanding that an SEO expert is able to strategize and implement an effective SEO plan that will meet the client’s needs.

Website Audit: Identify State of Current Website:

  • Navigation & URL Structure:

The website navigation (menu) is critical to the potential success of a website.  Both website rankings and conversion rate are directly impacted by the menu items. If too many options are available, a visitor may become confused by the menu’s complexity and simply leave for an easier to use website. This relates to the user experience (UX).

What are the role and responsibilities of an SEO Firm_1

A simple, intuitive menu structure encourages greater use and engagement by the visitor.  Google is aware of metrics like ‘time on site’ and ‘click-through rate (CTR)’.  All other things being equal, a website that has more time spent on site by a visitor or a greater number of clicks to other pages on a website will rank better and likely receive more traffic than a website with lower time on site and CTR.

  • Sitemaps:

It is important to identify whether a client’s website is using sitemaps because they help search engines crawl (visit pages of) a website, which helps to have more pages indexed (included in the search engine).

What are the role and responsibilities of an SEO Firm_2

Most important are XML (extensible Markup Language) sitemaps. An additional option is an HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) sitemap. If a website does not have a sitemap (preferably the XML sitemap), the website is not properly optimized for search engines.

  • Content:

A professional SEO company must review the quantity and quality of a website exists content. What text/copy is being used on the various website pages? How are the website’s pages connected/related to one another? Much of the success of search engine optimization depends upon the quality and amount of text on a page and the number of pages (size) of a website.

What are the role and responsibilities of an SEO Firm_3

Another part of an SEO company’s responsibility is to understand the competitive landscape in which a client is competing.  Typically, larger websites (those with more pages) will rank better than smaller websites. And, larger pages with more content on the page will out-rank thinner pages with little content. Content management is critical to the online success of a website.

  • Layout / User Experience:

The user experience of a website is critical to its success. If a visitor lands on a website and does not like the way it looks, they will leave for another website.  If a website is difficult to use, a visitor will not spend time trying to figure it out.

What are the role and responsibilities of an SEO Firm_4

As previously mentioned, time on site and click through rate are important factors to Google and toward ranking well.  The user experience, therefore, is critical for rankings. Additionally, a desirable website design with attractive images and use of color will encourage more conversions (taking a desired action such as filling out a form or making a purchase).

  • Website Speed & Other Technical Factors:

Higher rankings and more traffic are the primary reasons why a client hire’s an SEO expert, therefore, the expert better knows how to look at the technical elements of a website that are important to ranking well. Among these success factors are elements like the load time of a web page (website speed) and whether a website is mobile friendly (responsive).

What are the role and responsibilities of an SEO Firm_5

There are several technical aspects related to a website’s code, template and plug-in/extensions that must be analyzed and understood in order to optimize a website for better rankings.

Identify Terms for which a Website should be ranking – Keyword Research:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Current Keyword Rankings Report

Backlinks: Analyze Current Backlink Profile:

  • Poor Quality Backlinks
  • Build Good Quality Backlinks

Competitor Analysis: Identify Client’s Website Ranking Potential vs. Competitor Websites:

  • Size of Website
  • Backlink Comparison

SEO Reporting: Monthly Review of Analytics & Company Goals

  • Google Analytics & Metrics Analysis

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