What is Google Shopping? How to List Products on Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is formerly known as Google products which allow the user to search and compare products online. It grants the users to browse through a variety of products based on their search query. When a user clicks on the link, he lands on the retailer’s website for purchasing the product. This benefits the retailer as it is the easiest way to boost up your business sales at a rewarding pace.

Why Google Shopping?

For instance, if you are looking for a designer table online you will Google it. There you will encounter Shopping tab at the top of the web page.

What is Google Shopping? How to list your products on Google Shopping?

When you will click on the Shopping tab, you will encounter multiple options and varieties to choose from along with the price set up by different websites.

You can see various options popped up when for instance a user searches for designer tables. Various websites along with the price tags appear in the search pages. It recommends the best ones and you can at the same time customize your choice by switching to the left side of the page, where you see the filter options. You can sort up the search by setting your criteria from the categories of Price, Seller and Show only options. 

  • Google Shopping according to a source is said to have 30% of conversion rates than text ads.
  • It also allows your products to appear multiple times on the SERPs.

How To List Your Products On Google Shopping?

Setting up a Google Merchant Center Account

It is easy to set up a Google Merchant Center account which is easy to navigate and serves as a secure base for your products and their information.

Optimize The Products Imagery

Images of the products are the deciding factor for conducting a purchase. It should be of high quality for ranking on Google as Google restricts the low-quality images from appearing in the search results. Post quality images of your products for maximizing your sales.

Accumulate And Input Your Product Feed Data

Creating product feed is one of the important steps which discusses your product. It helps Google display your products for a certain search in the relevancy of the description provided. Complete the details required for setting up the account on your Google Merchant account.

Link Your Google Adwords Account

For getting your products viewed by the customer, you need to link your Google AdWords account. By logging into your Google Merchant’s account, you can link your Google AdWords account. Be found by your customers.

Create A Google Shopping Campaign

Once your account gets linked with Google AdWords, you can proceed further for creating a Google Shopping campaign for advertising your products. You can also create a campaign from your Google Merchant account.

Decide And Place Bids On Your Shopping Campaign

Bidding is like interaction with your customers when they click on your ad. As Google Clarifies” a sufficient bid and high-quality product data will earn your ad a higher rank.” You can set your campaign budget which will be managed by Google from time to time basis.

Set Target And Schedule Your Shopping Campaign

You can set your schedule for making your products visible at a particular time. Choose the location where you are located or go for by default option Ad start and end dates for your shopping campaign to run effectively.

Building Ad Groups

Building ads for your campaign will determine what nature of Ads you will run and hoe to organize the bidding for them. Two types of ads account to the product Shopping ad and Showcase shopping ad. The first one promotes a single product while the second one promotes multiple products of your brand. Choose according to what suits you the best. 

Listing your Business on Google Shopping along with providing brand awareness will lead to an increase in traffic and eventually the sales.

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