What Is More Important, Creating Good Content Or Creating Backlinks For A Website

What Is More Important, Creating Good Content Or Creating Backlinks For A Website?

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While Link building is one of the oldest and most effective SEO [Search Engine Optimization] tactics, Writing great content is a choice.

When an external website links to yours it is called as “Backlinks”. This is what some people refer to them as “external Backlinks”. Backlinks are one of the most productive ways to grow organic search traffic. Though, link building can actually harm your traffic, too, if the website or content you are linking is not relevant.

Historically, links were how Google figured out which websites were good; a link was a recommendation, so websites with more links ranked higher. Google let the web decide how good each page was. Since then, Google updates have largely been about getting ahead of efforts to game this process by acquiring unearned links.

But the ugly truth about Link acquisition, it is costly and time-consuming. Any technical errors while linking hurt the user experience. When you hurt user experience, Google limits your organic traffic growth. The first thing you need to do is avoid speeding through this process. Otherwise, you may end up wondering, “Why aren’t my Backlinks working?”

Here’s how you can accomplish that goal:

  • You must have a technically optimized site
  • You must have a strong site architecture
  • You must have valuable content

Yes writing valuable content and original content, search engines will help your site get more exposure.

Building a successful brand name on the web takes time and hard work with a very good content. Or you can choose to take the easy path and write poor content, a path that ultimately will get you nowhere. It will only result in a waste of time, energy, and resources.

The path for content marketers is clear. In order to boost SEO rankings, gain traffic and or leads, you need to have great content on your blog or website.

Google always reward high-quality sites that contain original content. Hence not only does great content make a better website, it also improves your site’s rankings, which can have a very positive impact on your business.

Whatever your reason for, whether it’s for business or a personal hobby, it’s important to do it right. And doing right is, Backlinks for a website will work only if you have original and good content.

There are one billion users using the internet, think about how often content is shared across the web that means there’s a lot of content and also a ton of noise. Hence, if you don’t have a great going content then it’s not worth to have the Backlinks works!

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