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You must have heard the cliché phrase “content is King”

But is it so?

Many websites having good pieces of content fail to rank higher on the SERPs.

Well, yes there are more than 200 ranking factors that determine the suitable place for your website in the SERPs but can content do without a well-analyzed and researched keyword strategy?

What do you think about this?

Keyword research or Content; what is more important?

A well-written content optimized with good backlinks is bound to rank online.

But it is just ranking enough!

Many websites that rank among the top three searches online don’t necessarily have good content.

What shall be done in this case?

Well, I have a portion of food for your curiosity!

According to Search Engine Land, “SEO writing has a bad reputation for being a chockfull of keywords and little else.” – Source

Well, this can be interpreted as more of a stereotype than reality.  Keywords help in SEO efforts while writing unique, engaging, and authoritative content for the website generates credibility and trust among the customers.

Keywords help in getting the hold of what phrases your competitors are ranking for and help in designing the SEO strategy. Dense keyword research is indeed the base for a strong SEO strategy.

But what is more important content or keyword?

An experienced content writer is aimed at answering the major queries the visitors might have and gives them the reason to return back for more.

The content gets ranked as per the order of usefulness and relevancy to the user performing search.

How Content helps the website visitors?

  • It educates the visitors about the business
  • For whom it is concerned
  • Why they should hire the respective company
  • How the business will help in solving their problem

Basically, content aims at providing a solution to the visitor’s questions and curiosity. Your targeted customers aren’t concerned about the keywords incorporated in the content but what you have to offer and how can you be a problem solver?

While creating content for the website, make sure to create content for the audience and the search engines alike.

Visitors are also readers.

They are bound to stay on your website long if either you have a grand choice or something that your competitors miss on.

The fundamental trait of the content is its quality, relevance and the value it delivers to your visitors. Publishing an average content stuffed with keywords is merely a wish to rank high not the actual effort.

Keywords have a good role, and that’s called getting found among the big fishes!

Yes, that’s true! Along with good length, authoritative, engaging, and quality content, SEO-friendly formatting is important for your content because nearly 6 million posts get publish online on a daily basis.

  • How will you make the mark there?
  • How will you send your message across your audience?
  • Who wants the content to get vanish among the waves? 

It’s nothing less than a nightmare!

Here Keywords has a great role to play. Keywords optimize your content for the search and increase the probability to be found among the other warriors in the huge sea!

Incorporating the keywords strategically in the best places in the content is the deal of an expert. The piece should seem natural and not overstuffed with keywords.

A good content promotes social validation and helps in generating great backlinks. When people find what they are looking for through your content, they are likely to engage and share the content on social media.

A content that solves purpose, is dear to Google.


Well, it will be right to say that content writing with a good keyword strategy is important for SEO.

Most of all reputation matters.

 A copied or plagiarised content won’t win you the cake but authenticity, personalization, and credibility can.

Keywords support the SEO efforts while Content rules the game!

Well, what you think about this? Do share your views!

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