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What is SEO OnPage and OffPage Spam

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Are you a newbie in the Digital Marketing world and looking for the articles that can benefit you in increasing your knowledge in Search Engine Optimization then read my Advanced SEO Training Guide 2017 but if you are looking to know about the types of spam that Google count and can cause you penalties, then you are at the very right place. Here, in this What is SEO On-page and Off-page Spam post, I have highlighted some most basic and important things which are known as true SPAM.

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This is the list of spams in SEO off-page activities which one should avoid and can cause very harmful penalties on the website.

  • Low-Quality Backlinks: While creating backlinks for website pages, make sure the website from where you are getting a backlink is not of low quality or has not been penalized in the past because getting links from an already penalized website can devalue your website too. Secondly, make sure the website is having a good DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority) and a trust in the search engines.
  • Backlinks from Different Niche: Suppose, you are working on a technology niche/website and making backlinks from an educational website, this will negatively impact on your website if the link is not relevant and for that, make sure if you have something to which your users can get educated from the course of their study, then linking that topic from education sites can give you unbeatable benefits.
  • Making Maximum Anchor on Keywords: This is something very important, never try to make backlinks only on the targeted keywords. Because, it will easily signal to the Google crawlers for the type work you are doing which can cause you penalties also, and BTW, Google never says they take SEO as a positive thing. So, keeping some diversity in backlinks is always a better strategy for making backlinks.
  • Backlinks from Adult Websites: Getting backlinks from an adult website is the most harmful and major spam in Google’s eyes and not only this, they have also banned the promotions for them and getting links from their can completely destroy your efforts. So make sure, not to get even a single link from them. But somehow, if it has been generated automatically, then disavow it as soon as possible.
  • Links from Article Submission Directories: I have seen many SEO professionals and companies who still use article submission directories like; EzineArticles, article base Etc! Etc! for which Google has already warned if used, then get ready to taste the penalty because these are just directories used to get backlinks and nothing else.
  • Backlinks from Link Wheels: Though, link wheels are a very great strategy to boost up the ranking and traffic of any website, but if caught then the results can be unrecoverable. Better to give yourself time to become a real SEO profession and then trying it is actually beneficial.
  • Links from Private Blog Networks (PBN’s): Basically, a private blog network is a gray hat/black hat tactic of using a set of sites under your control to implement links to other sites, but now Google has started to consider them under link spam and is taking actions against the blogs supporting them. So try not to get links from general blogs or website, because who knows if they are a part of PBN.
  • Links Purchase: This is part of link scheme which includes buying or selling links to pass the link juice through posts and articles, exchanging links for money, exchanging goods and services for money Etc. Are true SPAM and can negatively impact on a site’s ranking in search engine. It simply means Better To Avoid!!!


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Here is the list of spams in SEO on-page activities which one should avoid and can cause very harmful penalties on the website.

  • Copied or Plagiarized Content: For SEO On-page SPAM list this has to be in the #1 position because the content is the major ranking factor in today’s SEO strategies, the better and unique your content the better rankings you can achieve with less effort. So make sure, not to use copied or spun content on your websites, it can cause you to penalties.
  • Keyword Stuffing in Content and Meta: There is nothing wrong to let Google know about your website’s offerings and services, but trying to overdoing that can harm your website. Try to wisely use your keywords in content and meta tags even in the ALT attributes of images.
  • Unjustified Internal Linking to Website Pages: Internal linking is a very good practice and a great strategy which you can apply on your website by linking to relevant web pages only. Suppose, you are making an anchor on “how to tie a necktie” and linking to a product page, which is for the customers to buy a necktie, is a pure On-page SPAM. Avoid It!!!

So, as a newbie, I think you have learned lots of things from this “What is SEO Onpage and Offpage Spam” post, but there is lots more stuff, which you will come to know during your SEO practice. Don’t forget to leave your reviews through the comment section below.

Good Luck!!!