What Should You Do To Get More Leads Through SEO and SMO?

Generating the leads from online marketing has become the toughest task since the competition has gone up.

And now, it’s not at all like those old practices that will help you to get on the top of the crowd.

It’s all about “Intelligent Marketing” instead of just “Marketing”.

Today, the trend of Search Engine Optimization/Marketing and Social Media Marketing has been drastically changed.

What are the Reasons? The constant updates from search engines to serve their audience with more ease.

Now people love to speak more instead of typing their query on Google, which led to a major change in the user behavior of searching for things and getting their answers.

These all changes have impacted the websites offer services and products, although I do not see a major change in the query behavior from the users search for professional services in the IT-Sector and Marketing sector.

But, the search trends has been constantly changed in the eCommerce sector that leads to having Mobile Applications compulsory for every eCommerce Store.

But when it comes to IT-services, having a good-looking, appealing and user-friendly website is good enough to win the race.

But, having a website or mobile application is not enough unless the marketing efforts are not in place.

Earlier, SEO was all about to focus on the targeted keywords and bring them on top and Social Media marketing was about to get more likes and followers on official brand pages.

But now, people ask for ” The Leads” which is very obvious.

The question comes now – What Should You Do To Get More Leads Through SEO and SMO?

Search Engine Optimization

What Search Engines (Especially Google) Say –

  • “No” To Too-Heavy Back-linkings
  • “No” To Non-Responsive Sites
  • “No” To Websites that Contains Thin or Duplicate Content
  • “No” To Slow Loading Speed
  • “No” To Sites Full of Ads
  • Be Polite With Your Users
  • “Yes” To Constant Updates
  • “Yes” To Quality Content
  • “Yes” To Search Friendly URLs
  • “Yes” To Good User Experience
  • “Yes” To User Trust-ability

There are lot more, but those are some of the major or we can say popular criteria on which Google loves to rank or UN-rank any domain.

On an all, you have to be perfect with everything you do to promote your brand online. But with a “Smartness”.

Anubhav – What do you’re mean by Smartness here?

Smartness, means to understand the latest trends on the keywords and what users are searching apart from just your targeted keywords in the industry.

Targeting keywords is always a hard thing and take time.

So, it’s better to look around and see what opportunities you are missing to attract those potential buyers on the keywords that are easy to catch.

It could be through Blogging, FAQ’s, Videos or any other Content Marketing Strategy.

So, if you want to generate leads from SEO then stop pulling the car from a “Single Thin Rope”, instead “Tie Multiple Ropes and Pull It Then To Strengthen Your Pull” How?

Search for the “How To”, & “Why Toys” in Demand:

Most SEO’s or even content marketers skip to target keywords contains How to’s and Why to’s that potential customers search before they contact any service provider.

Not just Why’s and How’s but also:

  • Benefits of..
  • What Is..
  • Why … is Important, Etc.

So, it’s important to look into the stats of keywords that answer a users question before they buy it from someone.

Use Google Local Business Listings for the Latest Keywords Trend”

YES – Many SEO’s take Google My Business Listings very lightly. But the fact is, those local business listing insights could be a game changer for you.

If you ever noticed the insights section of GMB, you will find there is an option to see the keywords or let me be more precise with it “Your Business Keywords” that your targeted audience search often.

It’s a great way to see what’s in the trend and how you can target it in a more better way to grab the clicks on those searches.

Refer to the image below shows the keywords and how many time that particular listing got appear in a time period of “1 Month” or “1 Week”

What Should You Do To Get More Leads Through SEO and SMO

This SEO marketing practice will give you more clear insights on how to use the keywords and how search keywords trend has got changed that signals you to change the gear of your SEO marketing to generate leads.

Update Landing Pages Constantly with Fresh Content:

This one is an “UNBEATABLE STRATEGY” – As you all know, Google loves fresh content and pages that get updates on a regular interval of time.

I have been using this strategy for the last 6 months on all my client’s websites and have achieved tremendous results.

After reading this line, you will say that “What The Heck Anubhav Is Talking About” – The Fact is – It Does not matter if you create backlinks, But if you constantly update the pages with new content, it will automatically come up on the first page of SERP.

And have increased the leads flow by up to 1,300% for a UK based client. See the post below.

Buy all you need is to make sure that updated pages are getting crawled by the bots regularly.

I will be sharing some cool “Case Studies” on this practice very soon on the same.

What Social Media Says –

  • “No” To Non-Updated Profiles
  • “No” To Duplicate Materials
  • “No” To Copyright Materials
  • “No” To Too-Offensive Materials
  • “Yes” To Regular Updates
  • “Yes” To Engaging Materials
  • “Yes” To Positive Feedback On Brand Page
  • “Yes” To Instant Replies
  • Yes” To Instant Post Comment Reverts

That’s true, Social platform algorithms love to boost the posts or pages having a good user interaction which is the key to success for generating a good amount of leads from SMO.

What else you can do?

Be Positive With Each of Your User:

For any brand or shop what is selling online nationally or internationally should have a very polite way to answers to the queries or negative feedback from customers.

Polite reverts psychologically create a good impression on users and problem-solving can increase referral from the same customers left negative feedback.

In many cases, I have seen brands ignoring the negative feedback or comment, never let this happen in any way. At least, leave a revert acknowledging that you have seen the complaint and will be getting back to it very soon with the solutions.

I found one really good post on how to handle negative feedback on Social Media here

Always Be Sensible and Fun Loving With Your Work and Your Customers:

Even on the negative feedback just try to be a little bit funny but be sensible with your comment.

Just try to divert customer angry birds type mindset and try to bring a smile, see the image below as a perfect example.

What Should You Do To Get More Leads Through SEO and SMO1

This practice will keep all customers happy on social platforms even if they are super angry at something and will also love to interact more which will automatically increase platform engagements and at the end “Leads”.

Popularity MATTERS A Lot:

Social media is more a place for “Humorous” things. It does not take minutes for any random post to get popular.

For any brand marketing, there should be no limitations. I’ve seen many brands that are so restricted with their social posts and always talk about their services, blog posts, latest news – I mean the content that belongs to their services only and moved around it.

Only one suggestion to those – Drop this ideology of being “So Restricted” because no one cares neither they have any interest.

If you can deliver something that brings smiles on audience faces, things will automatically start working superbly.

Share fun loving stuff instead of just promoting services or web service pages on social media. #bemoreengaging #befunloving #shrebestmemories

This practice automatically attracts more users who know if some of them could become your customers.


To generate leads from SEO or SMO, you just have to be one step ahead from the “Intelligence” of your fellow marketers. Take things to the next level and never afraid of implementing new things because you can never know the end result of it unless you have implemented it.

And that’s the best way to generate leads from SEO and SMO as per today’s marketing trends.

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