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Why the Big Brands Are So Called?

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Why the Big Brands Are So Called?

Google, YouTube, Apple, Facebook, … we all know these companies. We use their products daily and we no longer imagine our lives without them. They have almost become core of our existence.

Today we will go a little beyond their products and innovations to discover why they are called so and not otherwise. Surely you will get very interesting stories!


Why Big Brands Are So Called - Google Logo

Milton Sirotta, nephew of mathematician Edward Kasner, invented at the age of 9 years Googol concept to express a figure formed by a 1 followed by 100 zeros and thus explain the difference between a very large number and infinity. The creators of what we know today as Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, were inspired by this term to name the popular search engine. You see that Googol to Google there is little difference.


Why Big Brands Are So Called - Apple Logo

There are various theories that explain why Steve Jobs decided and call your business.

One says that Steve Jobs loved The Beatles and decided to bet on the Apple name as a tribute to the music of the group, named the same. However, there are many critical voices who say that this version is too simple for himself had done Jobs.

One theory that has more power is that the origin of Apple as such is related to the discovery of gravity by Isaac Newton and the apple role played in this story.

Simplest are theories that say that Jobs was very fond of apples or she was eating when I had to register the name; or who was a farmer in Oregon who suggested this name.


Why Big Brands Are So Called - Amazon Logo

At the start of his time, Amazon began in 1995 as an online bookstore called cadabra.com. However, its founder Jeff Bezos decided to change the name and stick with Amazon because Yahoo, the search engine most commonly used at the time, showed the results in alphabetical order, so the web appear at the top forever.


Why Big Brands Are So Called - eBay Logo

The story of Ebay name is very simple. Its founder, Pierre Omidyar, already had a company called Echo Bay Technology Group. When he wanted to register the domain of the Web with that name, it was found that had previously been caught so he named the site bids with a short name: Ebay.


Why Big Brands Are So Called - Skype Logo

Skype was born under the name of ‘Sky peer-to-peer’, referring to the eponymous technology using this tool. However, its creators soon realized that this denomination lacked commercial hook, so they decided to change Skyper. The domain was already in use so they shortened and stayed with Skype as definitive name.


Why Big Brands Are So Called - Yahoo Logo

In Jonathan Swift’s novel Gulliver’s Vaijes, the word Yahoo was used to assign a repulsive in appearance and barely human, rough and wild being. Its founders, Jerry Yang and David Filo considered themselves Yahoos and therefore decided to use that name for the seeker.


Why Big Brands Are So Called - Facebook Logo

In American universities used to deliver some yearbooks to all students, containing a photo and basic information about each. As many already know, the main idea was to recreate this Mark Zuckerberg online yearbook level, with more information than initially brought.

With something as simple as put together the name of the book in English (book) and faces that brought (face) she managed to reach the end Facebook.


Why Big Brands Are So Called - Twitter Logo

To name the new social network of microblogging, its founders resorted to the dictionary. So they started looking for words that they start with the letter w t and, with luck they found the word Twitter. English has two main meanings: “small amount of inconsequential information” and “bird chirping”. An ideal word to communicate the essence of this social network so characteristic.


Why Big Brands Are So Called - Youtube Logo

The origin of the word YouTube is easier than you can imagine. In the United States, the word ‘tube’ is used to refer to television. Therefore, if it joins the personal pronoun ‘you’ (tu), Youtube (your TV) is obtained.

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