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Believing These 5 SEO Myths Keeps You from Growing

Believing These 5 SEO Myths Keeps You from Growing

When you run an online business website, it’s really hard to learn everything about every topic related to your business. You can hear something about sales, development, marketing as you know each industry grows with changes, you hear some headlines about how to grow your business with SEO marketing. But sometimes, those headlines can be misleading and creates SEO Myths.
In the field of search engine marketing you may probably find some misconception and misleading truths or we can say some SEO Myths. Here are five SEO marketing myths that might be abstaining you from misleading and misguiding about SEO marketing.

SEO Myths 1: Top Ranking Over The Search Engine Means Getting More Business

Every online business owner today seems to be fighting to get top rank on search engine results. But if you get top ranking then it’s not enough for your business and even your battle doesn’t finish here you need to think what happens when you meet high-ranking?
All the business owners think that high-ranking will automatically grow their business from online because there is a direct relation between top ranking and growth of traffic to a website, but it does not always result in more business. There is more work remaining in SEO than just achieving a higher ranking on search engine. SEO works for the improvements of your website so that you can get more engagement by the visitors and convince them to take more desirable actions such as making a purchase of a product that you offered and make some reference to the people who may be interested in your offered product or services.

SEO Myths 2: Paid Ad Campaigns Grow Ranking And Organic Search Results

Paid ad campaigns are a great way to get your brand more visible. Google also has some product like AdWords that Provide brands place advertisements on search results pages that have been able to generate more queries for specific keywords.
There are Many people assume that AdWords is a Google product and running a Paid campaign on AdWords are likely to grow their rankings over search engine results pages. But, there is, however, no correlation between organic searches and AdWords campaigns, Google and other search engine don’t work that way. Just because you have paid Google for advertising doesn’t mean that Google will give you special treatment and rank your company website better than other companies that haven’t. And, that’s one of the most common SEO myths people generally have.

SEO Myths 3: Use Of Single Keyword Multiple Times Can Get Better Ranking

If you are not aware of things that search engines follow strictly then it’s better to know them ASAP. Because now, search engines are mostly concerned about the feedback of visitors when they come to your business website.
Therefore, too much keyword stuffing or keywords in an unnatural manner can make it disliked by search engines and can be a reason for penalties. Because Google finds this practice as suspicious and harmful for users because it affects the genuineness of search engine and if you don’t care about the users and your motive is grabbing the attention of search engine crawlers then it’s better to take precautions.
The best way to practice SEO on your the website is to make it more user friendly because then Google will automatically place it in the front of their users and its always better to take advice from professional SEO Service companies who can create responsive website designs and can be able to place content that will be unique, valuable, informative and without grammar mistake. Not only this they can also help you with optimizing your content for search engines and make it interesting to the read for the users to draw their attention on your services or products.

SEO Myths 4: Lengthy Posts Help in Better Rankings

This is one of the most viral SEO Myths, that lengthier the post is better the rankings will be. The word count is important for SEO but it is not everything. Focusing only on long articles for website ranking will not get your business the results you want. You need to keep one thing in mind that user experience is very important. So, the content should be interesting, useful and should be helping a user to solve their problems. This will encourage them to share the content on their networks.

SEO Myths 5: You Need to Improve On-Site SEO First, Instead of Starting with Off-Page SEO

SEO has grown over the years. SEO is not only about getting good rankings on Search Engine. Today SEO is also about the elaborating experience of the online user. All the website must be aware of one thing and that is; They should optimize their website for On-Page SEO perspectives first, first to enhance the experience of users before they start the optimization with SEO link building strategies. Search engines are able to check your website are its usefulness for users by the recording time spent by new visitors on your website.

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