Chander Prakash Kalra

Co-Founder & Director

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Mr. Chander Kalra is creative, brilliant on the web and plans a very clever strategy. Chander Kalra holds a BCA (IGNOU), MCA (IGNOU) masters with precious 8 years of experience in Web Developments, SEO Off-Page, Team Management, and training in Digital Marketing.

Mr. Chander Kalra's team is made of people who are stars in their respective fields. Mr. Chander offers all our customers with an extremely professional and efficient service. He discusses every step of Web Developments from idea creation to developing a business model. He is highly skilled, experienced and has proficient technical expertise.

His ultimate goal is to provide our customers/partners with top-quality services. In order to achieve these objectives, Mr. Chander Kalra focuses on analyzing and understanding the requirements of each customer, suggesting effective and affordable solutions.


Web Development 100%


Web Designing 100%


Creative Artist 95%


Team Management 95%