Google Has Released a Visual Guide to Search Elements

Google Has Released a Visual Guide to Search Elements - Featured

Google has released a visual guide that includes drawings and definitions of the most often used search results elements.

Google’s new search feature guide illustrates and defines the key parts on a search results page.

When you require SEO assistance, it might be difficult to get the right answer if your question lacks the proper vocabulary.

For instance, you could inquire, “How can I edit the image that displays in search snippets?”

That query could be referring to one of three things:

  • a text result image,
  • an image thumbnail, or
  • a favicon.

When such broad terms are used, the individual asking the inquiry may not receive the assistance they seek.

Google’s new guide makes it simple to specify the particular search element you require assistance with, allowing you to receive more relevant results.

Let’s go over what’s in the handbook.

The Structure of a Google SERP

Google’s new Visual Elements Gallery showcases the most frequently used elements in a search results page.

A Google SERP is Divided into the Following Sections:

  • Attribution: includes identifiers such as the site’s name, URL, and favicon.
  • Text results: Also known as the “10 blue links.”
  • Rich results are text results that include extra lines of information, such as review stars and recipe steps.
  • Images and videos are retrieved from URLs indexed in search results.
  • Exploration characteristics: This is also known as “People Also Ask.”

Each of the above aspects has its own graphic in Google’s guide that shows how it might appear in search results.

Furthermore, the tutorial displays the various aspects featured in each of the primary search parts.

The diagram below depicts the exact search features to which Google refers when it uses the term “attribution”:

Google’s Visual Elements Gallery has information on 22 different search functions, with more to come in the future.

Google said in a blog post that it can easily add more sections to the guide and may do so if other search tools become popular:

“Our new setup makes it easier for us to add new visual elements to the gallery without too much effort on our part; that is in fact our plan: once a visual element becomes popular on search result pages, we may add it to the gallery. However, we intend to only include elements that are relevant to site owners and SEOs.”

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