Google Released December 2022 “Link Spam Update” for 2 Weeks

Google Released December 2022 Link Spam Update for 2 Weeks

On Wednesday, December 14, 2022 Google announced the release of Link Spam Update for the month of December 2022 in order to neutralize the impact of unnatural backlinks helping not useful websites to maintain their position in Google’s Search Page.

Note: December 2022 Link Spam Update is a global update effecting all languages. Google specified, they leveraging the power of SpamBrain to control unnatural link spam.

This December 2022 Link Spam Update is a major update released by Google because they are using the AI spam detection technology which can now detect both sites buying links, and sites used for the purpose of passing outgoing links.

So even you are creating backlinks manually for the SEO purpose on sites that are out of your industry content or context you can see a drastic fall of your result from the first page. Hence, it is always recommended to let the links come naturally or always do Contextual Link Building.

We have noticed some drastic changes in the search ranking, impressions and clicks on couple of sites with positive, negative and neutral impact since Google “December 2022 Helpful Content Update” and “December 2022 Link Spam Update” and below are some screenshots to better understand the enhancements these two algorithm updates bringing with simultaneous roll out.

Does Google’s Update to the Spam Algorithm Affect Your Website?

You should be aware that the update, which targets all languages besides English, runs for two weeks until the end of December. Use of artificial links will result in a drop in the rating of your site and its pages on the search engine, which will negatively affect how they appear in search results.

In both this update and the December useful Content upgrade, Google makes use of cutting-edge technologies. Intense efforts are being made by Google’s algorithms and manual processes to identify unnatural links. Google released the update to enhance user experience and demanded that people report bogus links.

Both the spam-fighting upgrade and the “useful content update” for the September update, published by Google a few days ago, are global updates.

How Should we Respond to Google’s Upgrade to its Link Spam Algorithm?

  • Make a thorough audit of your website to find any potentially harmful links and remove them.
  • Instead of just writing for the SEO purpose, write for your audience to help your content appear first in search results.
  • Because the December 2022 helpful content upgrade is still active, optimize your content to make it more useful to the user.
  • Produce unique, unpolished content of the highest caliber.
  • Make sure the links to your website were gained naturally and are not bogus.
  • If you don’t, Google webmaster standards could harm your website.
  • Use the rel=nofollow tag when publishing guest posts on your website.

Google has severe policies against anyone who manipulate links to improve their search engine ranks. Google wants its consumers to find its material valuable and helpful.

This rolling update is the most recent in a series of updates that have all been released to benefit users and researchers this year. Your website won’t be impacted by the December 2022 upgrade if you adhere to Google’s guidelines for incoming and outgoing links and make changes in accordance with the modifications.

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