Google Rolled Out July 2022 Product Review Algorithm Update

Google Rolled Out July 2022 Product Review Algorithm Update

According to Google, the change to the product reviews that will take effect in July 2022, which is the fourth in a series of improvements that will target reviews of low quality, is already being rolled out. After it was first put into action on July 27, the update was scheduled to be finished in approximately two to three weeks.

Along with the news, Google also shared a link to the official page for search ranking modifications on Twitter.

It is understandable if the latest news from Google took you by surprise. The vast majority of Google’s algorithm upgrades go place with no prior warning or notification, including every single one of the product review revisions to this day. But there is no rule that says that must always be a bad thing. Every time the algorithm is updated, there is the possibility that your rating will improve. This is especially true if one of the prior upgrades caused you to fall in the rankings.

The following provides you with the information you require on the algorithm upgrade that took place in July 2022 for product reviews.

What New Things Have Been Introduced With This Update?

The Google product review algorithm, which was made available to the public for the first time in March 2021, has been enhanced with the latest version. The algorithm is designed to give preference to in-depth study reviews over scant information that merely summarizes data that is available on the website of a manufacturer.

The most recent recommendation does not include any new information. It is recommended that websites that review products continue to prioritize meeting the stringent requirements that Google has set for producing high-quality content. Google wants to know, in the simplest terms possible, if you have used the product, if you are evaluating yourself while using it, and if you have experimented with it.

You can make this clear to Google as well as to the people who are reading your content by including specifics like quantitative measurements, pros and downsides, comparisons with other things, and other information in your writing.

It is no longer adequate to just rewrite content that is already available online. Rather, new and innovative approaches are required. Google now gives unique value in reviews importance. Even the original images should be submitted for consideration.

Whom Will It Impact?

If your website does not currently offer customer product reviews, you are not eligible for this update. It is not a major improvement that will have an effect on each and every search result. If you provide products or services that customers can evaluate on your website, this update does not apply to you because it is not considered to be the same as an article reviewing those products or services.

This update applies to websites such as Wirecutter and CNET that feature in-depth analyses of various products on their own platforms. Alterations to the rankings of websites that provide product reviews are going to become more obvious during the next several weeks. This is probably the consequence of the latest update to the product review, which was released in July of 2022.

If you have a setback, the quickest way to get back on your feet is to take Google’s recommendation and improve the quality of the product review sites you own and operate.

The Update Is Now Finished.

Google has quietly modified their update landing page to reflect the fact that the distribution of the July 2022 product reviews update has now been finished. This modification was made on August 2, 2022. When it was first made public on July 27, 2022, Google announced that it would “take 2-3 weeks to finish,” yet it was obvious that it only took six days to complete.

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