Google Testing Bigger Favicon In the SERP Snippet


Google is testing with some U/I changes in the SERP by enlarging the Favicon of the website in the search snippets for mobile as well as desktop version.

This could be just on of those SERP snippet U/I design testing which Google usually used to do multiple times in a month.

What is the Motive Behind These Updates?

This is something really hard to guess. Since, Google always try to make SERP as informative as possible by changing the U/I this could be just one of those experiments that they do like

  1. Expanding the “People Also Search For” section in the Google Search Bar
  2. Adding Featured Snippet In the First Page of Search Result
  3. Adding “People Also Ask” in the SERP.
  4. Adding “Popular Products” Section for eCommerce Searches in the SERP.

and more..

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