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How To Get More Conversions On Your Landing Page


What is the perfect landing page for your business?

Wishpond team asked this same question last year when they released their own landing pages editor. Since then they have performed hundreds of A/B testing to see how far they could optimize their landing pages and all these experiments have drawn a few conclusions.
But with so many theories on how to increase the conversion rate of your landing page, you can get carried away and think that every new item you add to your page means an increase in the number of conversions.
Well, this is not always the case, and the last thing you don’t want is your landing page look like a market full of trinkets.
This article will show how to eliminate distractions to focus on the main aim of your landing page conversions.

Eliminate Distractions

Normally we tend to want to convey too much information to the user as soon as “lands” on your landing page.
The problem is that the user can finally saturate and will not focus on your offer, and will finish leaving your page.
This is called information over load, and can ruin the conversion rate of your landing page.
Below you can see case study of sucessful company they solved this problem regardless of entire sections of their landing page to eliminate distractions.

 Case Study:

The company specializes in SEO “TheHOTH” tested two versions of its homepage, which obtained a 1% conversion on their registration form.
When performing this test took into account that people who ended up performing a conversion had reached the site after making a direct search, had been referred by friends or just know the company by word of mouth. What they all had in common it is that they were already familiar with the brand, and for this reason again shows too much information about the company may be redundant.
That was originally the home page:
As you can see is a landing page with a lot of content and optimal design; the form is located at the top, includes comments from customers and a clear value proposition with an attractive title and description.
But despite having a design manual, page only had a conversion rate of 1%. So they decided to remove entire sections of the page based on the theory that content was not helping users to convert seeking.

Below you can see the variation they tested:

How To Get More Conversions On Your Landing Page - img2As landing page can see the variation was much simpler than the original version, pushing visitors directly to the target page: register people who are already familiar with the brand.

The results: An increase in the conversion rate of 13.3%, Awesome!

Focus on conversions

Once you have removed the sections that you do not need your page and only offer information that is essential for your users to register (or perform the conversion you’re looking for), it’s time to optimize your site to increase conversion rate.
There are many techniques used to increase the number of conversions on your landing page. To be brief and concise, we will name the 3 strategies that have the greatest impact to optimize the performance of your page.
Although not essential to implement the three strategies at the same time, if you can combine great results.

  1. Address lines

The use of address lines is one of the most effective ways to direct the user’s attention to the call to action (CTA its acronym in English) forms.
You can create lines gaze direction. That is, showing a person who looks to the point that you want to highlight, usually a CTA button. Human beings are curious to what others are watching.
Check out this example of KISSmetrics on address lines created with the look:
How To Get More Conversions On Your Landing Page - img3After landing page see the man on the right side, your attention is directed to the form? While at first we think that our attention is directed solely to the person, address taking his eyes dictates the focus of the page, directing attention to the form.
Another example of address lines is simply using the figure of an arrow. However, we will see better results if we are not too obvious, as we can see in this example the salesforce form:
How To Get More Conversions On Your Landing Page - img4These different versions of address lines will direct the user’s attention to where you are interested, normally the registration form or CTA button. For this reason they are a great tool that directly affects the performance of your landing page and how the user interacts with it.

  1. Colors contrasted

The use of color contrast is important in any landing page that focuses on conversions.
Check out these two variations of landing pages:
How To Get More Conversions On Your Landing Page - img56How To Get More Conversions On Your Landing Page - img6

What do you think which version get more conversions?

Most people will say that the version with the orange button CTA get more conversions. And they will be right.
This is because the CTA button, using the contrast with color highlights on the rest of the page.
Using “heatmaps” We can see that the version with orange CTA obtained a more clicks focused on the CTA buttons, and therefore a higher conversion rate.
How To Get More Conversions On Your Landing Page - img7
In the other version the number of clicks is not as concentrated and distributed by the rest of the page:
Because there was no contrast in the CTA buttons, the user clicks performed more dispersed way other elements, some of them were not even clickable.
Check out the analysis of clicks on the second landing page:
How To Get More Conversions On Your Landing Page - img8
As can see the most clicks (75%) are concentrated in major CTA buttons.

  1. Space

The last item we will analyze when optimize the performance of your landing page and get more conversions is blank.
Remember when we mentioned that your landing page should not look like a market full of trinkets?
If you have too much content on your landing page, a way to help the user to focus on what you’re interested in adding whitespace around the different elements. This will include titles, forms, buttons, images and text.
By “blank” we do not literally mean white space (although this may be the color you choose). What we mean is an area of color that highlights the content section that interests us.
This is an example of a page using this practice correctly.
How To Get More Conversions On Your Landing Page - img9
As well can try adding literally blank around key elements as a CTA button on content pages overloaded.

How To Get More Conversions On Your Landing Page - img10Summary:

We hope that by implementing these basic aspects of your landing page design will help increase the conversion rate.
One of the most common problems we see regarding the design of landing pages is that they are confused, they have too much information and not limited to offering only necessary for the user to perform the conversion you want.
If you want to optimize your landing page to increase conversion rate but do not know where to start, answer below questions and start to work:

  • Who is watching my landing page and what they need to know?
  • What is my main goal (conversion)?
  • In 5 seconds or less, the user can have a clear idea about what my landing page offers?

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