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How to Increase Page Authority (PA) & Domain Authority (DA)? A Complete Guide


As you all know, the GOOGLE is not updating Page Rank (PR) Algorithm anymore, here the trust factor for a website relies directly upon their Page Authority and Domain Authority.

And now, all websites are measured on the basis of their PA and DA. Here, in this section, we will discuss, How to Increase Page Authority (PA) & Domain Authority (DA)? A Complete Guide? to build more trust In search engines and with in the users as well.

So, here we go…..!!!!

How to Increase Page Authority (PA) & Domain Authority (DA)? A Complete Guide

Page Authority (PA) which is the authority of a website page counted on a 100-point scale (an algorithmic scale), it was developed by MOZ in order to predict the importance of a web page on the basis of useful information that page contains and with the number of quality backlinks it has. The same measurement criteria stands for the Domain Authority as well.

Since, PA & DA both are not Google Algorithm’s official parameters to measure the website importance and Google never rank webistes in the SERp on the basis of High and Low page authority and domain authority, rather these mertices are very popular in the Guest Blogging industry.

Common Question:

Website owners or SEO newbies often has one question. How much time does it take for their website’s DA and PA to get increase?
The Answer Is: There is no fixed time frame to judge or calculate the increasing timeframe of Domain and Page Authority and infact that is something not in direct control of anybody.
Increasing domain authority from 1 to 15-20 is pretty much easire. But increasing from 20 and  above is not everyones cup of tea hence specifying orfixign anytime frame is just not possible at all.
Well, the algorithms of Page Authority and domain authority are owned by Moz which calculate both authorities of web pages and domain through different factors includingmajor factors:

  1. Inbound Backlinks
  2. Outbound Links/External Links
  3. Internal/Contextual Linking
  4. MozRank
  5. Moztrust
  6. Content Word Count
  7. Frequency of Content Updates

So, now you know how important it is for your website pages right….. We know that you know the importance of this “Page Authority”, but have you ever wondered or tried to find out the ways to increase the page authority of website pages?

Here, we have listed some interesting and fun to do activities that can help your website pages to get more MOZ Trust and increase in the PAs. Basically, it is a practice to increase your overall SEO on your websites, which includes the factors like…

Deliver Quality Content on Your Website:

YES!! the upper most thing on the topic (How to increase page authority of a website page?), always write unique, quality and useful content for your readers and a type to which the bloggers will love to link back to their own.

The content matters a lot when it comes to Page Authority and not only to increase the Page Authority, a well-written content can also rank your web page at the top of SERP’s without the support of backlinks.

How to Increase Page Authority PA of a Web Page Img1

But this practice also has a drawback, because sometimes writing high-quality content do not work at all. Because there are some industries where nobody links to anyone, just because of some confidentiality reasons, in that case, you need to create backlinks by your own if you want to increase the Page Authority of your pages.

Increase Meaningful and Contextual Internal Linking:

Please note, we have used “Meaningful Internal Linking” here, because the words of the anchor text, which is pointing to your other web page define the full insights of that page (or, on what topic the page is about).

Instead, of using one or two-word anchor texts, it is always useful to use anchors of more than 3-4 words.

Do not take this thing so lightly, using strong internal links not only benefit your readers also helps search engines a lot in crawling your web pages and index them. Moreover, that they come to know about the content of the web page.

How to Increase Page Authority PA of a Web Page Img2

Let’s take a daily practice example for that, you publish your article on other websites to get a backlink.

Do you link on the direct keywords you target for the website???

NO, because you want your readers first read that text and understand it before clicking, because the reader must know why he has come on that page by clicking that anchor text (obviously, he must be looking for the thing you are offering there) and the same thing goes with the internal links of your website pages.

A reader must know why he clicked that link, or what are the kinds of stuff he can get from there so that he can click on it. This SEO practice improves more user accessibility of the website and will directly effect into your Page Authority.

Link to Most Authority Pages with Good Information Available:

How to Increase Page Authority PA of a Web Page Img3

SEO is not only about the backlinks and traffics, the actual meaning of SEO is to make search Engines more user-friendly so that users can get the things they are here for.

Thus, linking to the most authority pages of your industry is a very crucial thing and it really means a lot to the crawlers and can give you tremendous benefits in the increment of the Page Authority.

Build High Quality and Niche Based Backlinks:

How to Increase Page Authority PA of a Web Page Img4

In today’s trend of SEO, generating a single backlink from the niche based industry website (Doesn’t matter the DA and PA in case of niche based) is more worthy than generating dozens of backlinks from a general category website YOU MUST BE GETTING WHAT WE ARE SAYING!!!.

This kind of SEO practice can give you more benefits in terms of Rankings, Traffic, Building Website Trust and of-course will increase Page Authority of your linked web page.

Remove Bad Backlinks on a Regular Basis:

It doesn’t matter how ethical SEO you are doing or how much quality backlinks you are making, over the time your website will automatically get some spammy links that can be generated through automated tools that you must use to check your website’s overall score on the internet or by any other activity where you have to submit your website URL.

How to Increase Page Authority PA of a Web Page Img5

These spammy backlinks can cause you harm not only in the rankings but also can decrease your Page Authority.

So, always take care of that, if you do not want to drop your current PA, then keep on removing the Toxic back links over a certain period of time and for that, you can also hire a trusted SEO Specialist India who can take care of those issues for you.

Update Content of Pages Regularly:

Suppose you have a page which contains the latest and updated information upon a trending topic related to your industry. But, for sure it will not be a trending one always as the trend keeps on changing over the time. It’s time to Wake up!!!

Guys, your content can get flush out just because of the little change happened in your industry

What to do in that case now??

Don’t worry… its so simple just update your web page with the latest changes occurred in your industry by keeping those earlier trends as well.

How to Increase Page Authority PA of a Web Page Img6

This SEO Practice can #First attract more and more readers through some social love #Second will help your web page to maintain a top place in the SERPs #Third can become an historic page related to the industry as you keep on updating new things on that page only and last but not the least #Fourth will help your web page to gain a higher Page Authority.


So…getting high Page Authority is not a fight with a Lion task, all you need to do is ethical SEO work, just keep the little things in mind on which we generally do not give any attentions, because those can be the real keys to increase page authority of any website page.

In the next post, we will try to cover the topic HOW To Increase the Domain Authority of Websites? So, stay with us and don’t forget to share your views and feedback on the Topic How to Increase Page Authority (PA) & Domain Authority (DA)? A Complete Guide


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