What Does Double-E-A-T or E-E-A-T Means?

What Does Double-E-A-T or E-E-A-T Means?

On Thursday, December 15, 2022, Google introduces a new “E” in the E-A-T quality rating guidelines in their search rating system to further help the quality of displayed results on Google search results.

As you must already be aware of what E-A-T stands so let’s understand what E-E-A-T stands for?

E-E-A-T or Double-E-A-T means Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trust. An addition E: Experience signifies that the content has been written on the basis of personal experience by an author having expertise on the topic.

Experience can of anything like for a product, food item, a travel place, a service, etc which has been physically experienced by the content creator.

It is a well known fact that things personally experience can be explained better irrespective of what an expert knows about them.

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