What is CLS in Google’s Page Speed Insights? 5 Ways to Improve CLS

What is CLS in Google’s Page Speed Insights 5 Ways to Improve CLS

CLS, or Cumulative Layout Shift, is a metric that measures the stability of a webpage’s layout. A high CLS score can be detrimental to the user experience, as it can cause a page to feel jittery or disorganized.

To improve CLS for Better SEO, Consider the Following Strategies:

  1. Use proper image sizes: Make sure that images are sized correctly before uploading them to the webpage. This will prevent them from causing layout shifts when they load.
  2. Avoid placing ads or other content above the fold: Placing ads or other content above the fold (the top portion of the webpage that is visible without scrolling) can cause layout shifts as the content loads. Instead, place ads and other content below the fold or on the sidebars.
  3. Use responsive design: Responsive design ensures that your webpage looks good on all devices and screen sizes, which can help reduce layout shifts.
  4. Use a loading spinner: A loading spinner can help reduce layout shifts by indicating that the page is still loading.
  5. Use a CSS grid system: A CSS grid system can help you organize and structure your content in a way that minimizes layout shifts.

Overall, improving CLS requires careful planning and attention to detail. By following best practices for web design and layout, you can create a stable and user-friendly webpage that ranks well in search results.

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