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What is SERPs Featured Snippet Search Block/Box by Google?


What is SERPs Featured Snippet Search Block/Box by Google?

Google, which is the top most search engine across many always work hard with its search engine to make it more user-friendly and helpful for its users and all this for just a single aim i.e., to provide the best search result for its user’s queries and as quick as possible. Although, Google has been updating its core product since years (Here is the List), but it was one major update that changed a lot of things for SEOs and Bloggers and that is; FEATURED SNIPPET BLOCK/BOX.

What are Featured Snippets in Search Engine Result Pages of Google?

Google’s featured snippets in search results is a “Direct Answer” area which appears on the top of all search results with a quick answer to any search query. This SERP Featured Snippet includes a summary of the answer to the query searched by any user, which gets extracted from a web page containing the most relevant answer, plus a link to the page, the page title, and URL.
Although, there were rumors on featured snippets saying that it a part of Knowledge Graph which is completely wrong. Featured Snippet is just a normal search result appears with a quick information on a query.

What is the use of Featured Snippets in Search?

Certainly, there may be many uses for featured snippet in the search which may possibly get differ from user to user. I’m basically talking about general users who may be looking for answers to their questions and for a Blogger, it may be a source to get more visitors on blogs or websites. Whatever it may be, the fact says, it is beneficial for all because it draws user attention on the results page.

How Featured Snippet Suggest any Summary Answer?

Google says that: The summary of featured snippet appears after a programmatic extraction from what a visitor sees on any web page. It generally recognizes search type, if the query looks like a “Question” the algorithms programmatically detect pages that provide the best possible answer to display a top result as a featured snippet in the search results. Definitely, a remarkable work was done by the team of Google!
Regardless of what all Google says, there are some hacks to make your web page appear on the SERP Featured Snippet Block which I will reveal in my upcoming post. So stay tuned for that!

How Featured Snippet help in Improving the Search Results?

Nice Question!!! The short answer is: It’s we, the users who could help in improving it for the search result.
Whenever you try to search something let’s say What is SEO, you will get the search result like:
What is SERPs Featured Snippet Search Block Box by Google - img1
NOTE: As per the observations, the featured snippet only shows the featured summary from any top 10 results only. Here,
Here, Webopedia’s article appears in the white box of “Featured Snippet Search Block” on the search question What is SEO. Although, there are already 3 more results that are ranking high but as said it’s a programmatic method of display and everyone gets a chance to take on the crown 🙂
Anyways, you can see the Blue color circle marked for Feedback, after clicking on that text, a new window will open for the as a feedback for this Webopedia’s post on What is SEO by asking you if the post is Awesome, Incorrect, Not-Useful, Something else or a “Why do you think so?” there you can add your extra comments for that article in order to help featured snippet’s automated program for what is beneficial and what’s not.
What is SERPs Featured Snippet Search Block Box by Google - img2
And that’s how Google improve their search results by collecting the data from the users itself.
Overall, it’s a good method of displaying search results on user’s queries and Google’s teams are working really hard to make their search engine more user-friendly. But the question is, what could be the upcoming step by Google to enhance its search display? It is hard to predict.

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