what is spambrain

SpamBrain is an Artificial Intelligence based algorithm update introduced by Google in the year of 2018 to detect and control the web spam for all languages. SpamBrain is one of the best spam control algorithm ever launched by Google because Spambrain capable to detect hacked spam, hosting platform spam, content spam as well as unnatural backlink spam and all other types of abuses which resulted in 6 Times more spam detection in 2020 and the percentage of spam detection is keep on rising every year.

Google’s approach with Spam Brain algorithm is to down the websites that trick people with false and fraud information because they may thing they visiting an official website and they end up disclosing sensitive personal information, losing money, or infecting their devices with malware.

Apart from these, SpamBrain is also capable to detect sites having malwares or unnecessary redirects to adult or abusive product selling sites.

Besides spam control this Artificially intelligent SpamBrain algorithm is also capable to control the higher ranking position of low quality sites that are present only to gain traffic and earn through it without providing any relevant or informative content to the user.

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