What is Web Light Webpage Transcoding?

What is Web Light Webpage Transcoding

Recently, Google announced that they are retiring their seven year old Web Light webpage transcoding service that their search engine used to optimize webpages for:

  • Slow mobile devices
  • Slow mobile connections.

Google introduced its Web light Webpage Transcoding service in 2015 in Indonesia and then it was introduced in India.

 So, let’s find out

  • What Web Light Webpage Transcoding service was?
  • Did Web Light bring the change for which it was introduced?
  • How Did Google’s Web Light Work?
  • Why has Google retired Web Light?

 What was the Web Light Webpage Transcoding Service?

 Google’s Web Light Webpage Transcoding service used to optimize webpages to deliver fast results even when the device is on a slow connection. Google showed that the Web light optimized pages get downloaded using 80% less data, bringing a four-fold increase in the downloading speed of the optimized pages over the slower 2G mobile networks.

 Google introduced this service with the aim of enhancing the presence of the web in countries with slow mobile connections and devices.

 Did Web Light bring the change for which it was introduced?

Yes, Google has confirmed that the service brought a 50% increase in traffic to the webpages. 

How Did Google’s Web Light Work?

If Google detects a sluggish internet connection when doing a Google search, it will redirect the user to a version of that page on their googleweblight.com domain that loads significantly quicker than the one on the standard domain.

Google does this by taking material from your site and displaying just the important portions of the page with little to no design. It gets the basic bones of the website for these users in order to conserve data and load pages more quickly.

Why has Google retired Web Light?

Google’s Web Light has been retired because it is no longer needed. Statista has found that almost 100% of mobile data usage in India in the previous year, i.e., 2021, was done through 4G devices.

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