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SEO Services India: The Reason Behind the Growth of Businesses

What do you understand by SEO service? Why is it important? Do you own a business? Do you want to increase your customer base? Do you have a social media presence? Do you witness many businesses booming on the internet? sDo you also want to see your business on top? SEO is the Key.

Search engine optimisation is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of organic website traffic to your website or business on the search engine results page. When everything is virtual and everyone prefers online reviews and results, it is important that your business have a good reputation in the digital world and appear first if searched, and for that, youll need SEO Services India by your side.

SEO Services in Delhi: Not An Auxiliary But A Need For Businesses

Delhi is famous for its industrialization and businesses in India, and where there are businesses, there are SEO services. We are a leading and highly demanded SEO company because of the tailored made and customized SEO packages we offer for each and every service industry, including pet care and grooming, restaurants, manufacturing, e-Commerce, education, healthcare, and more. Nowadays, everyone first checks online before going out, and after searching online most of the users tend to prefer the top ranked results, and that’s all thanks to SEO.

According to latest research Search Engine Optimisation market size was valued at USD 52.95 billion in 2021 and is estimated to complete USD 222.41 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 17.68% in upcoming years in Delhi. That imply means, many of your competitors already started leveraging the benefits of SEO service and you are too late in the queue. Now since you found us, you dont need to worry about how late you were. Get in touch with our SEO experts over Call or Whatsapp or simply fill out the inquiry form to get in touch quickly. It is always advisable to hire SEO services from Delhi to get the best results out of your business website SEO campaigns.

Why SEO Services in India Is Needed for Any Local/National/International Business?

Search engines like Google and Bing are trusted by the users globally, and they tend to believe whatever comes at the top of the page is the best. And if your business doesn’t come up on the top of SERP once a customer searches, your online presence is a waste because no one goes on the 2nd page to check the results; hence, a professional SEO services in India is important. No matter if your business falls in the category of Local SEO, National SEO or if you need international SEO, we are there for you.

SEO services in India play a crucial role in business profiles when it comes to digital marketing for businesses. SEO starts from the very beginning—from creating a digital presence until the end—during the lifespan of the business.


Highly Rated Professional SEO Service India


Get Free SEO Audit & Keyword Research Report by SEO Experts

Before Hiring Us! We encourage you to get a free website SEO audit and keywords research reports from our SEO experts. You can also discuss your reports over the call to understand the technical points and how fixing them can be beneficial for your website.

We Got Your Questions Covered Below: SEO Services FAQs By Business Owners

Do you have questions related to the SEO Services? We covered the most commonly asked questions by most of our clients before hiring any SEO consultant for their business promotions. In case you have any specific questions, which is not present in the SEO Services FAQ section below then you can directly get in touch with us by filling up the CONTACT US FORM.

The average cost of SEO services in India for a minimum of 10 to 100 keywords SEO plan ranges in between 15,000/- INR to 70,000/- INR respectively with limited monthly SEO activities and plans. However, at our SEO company, the same packages start from just 10,000/- INR to 50,000/- INR with improved and updated SEO practices and strategies. Our SEO services includes activities of Off-Page and On-Page with monthly deliverables designed strategically to help your website become useful and informative for the users as well as for the crawlers that support higher search engine visibility for quality leads generations.

Yes, we do! The SEO audit reports we share are always come free of cost and the SEO audit reports generated by our SEO specialists contains key points related to website U/I, U/X and for any other technical issue or conversion issues which may hamper the search visibility of your website and need serious resolutions which we can include after we start with the SEO campaign on your website.


While creating the backlinks for any website our professional SEO experts first make sure the backlink resource must be a trusted resource on Google and should be available from years. We always avoid any newly launched websites with low quality scores (Domain Authority, Page Authority, Domain Rating, Spam Score). Our backlink building criteria is very strict and every resource we use first gets through the quality checks before our SEO Quality Assistance team distribute them with the SEO experts.


Officially, our qualified SEO professionals send all project reports at the month end, but for every SEO campaign we assign a SEO project manager who remains in your touch constantly for the approvals on any changes required on the website related to Content, Design, Conversion Rate and for any other SEO On-Page technical factors and will also keep you updated on a weekly basis on the SEO campaign progress. However, you can always ask for the updates for the tasks accomplished in a period of certain days.


Keywords swapping is possible anytime in the running SEO campaign. Our full-time in-house SEO experts also suggest with the keywords to add or replace in the SEO campaign which can be easy to rank and have potential to generate leads.


Yes, we can. In fact, we always provide live training to our clients for the reports we share so they can understand the activities performed over a monthly period for all On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO and other out of the box SEO Activities. This way they you can track the progress more efficiently. You can also Download our Sample SEO Report Format.


SEO campaign leads can only be expected after achieving the first-page ranking on the targeted keywords. However, while performing the SEO campaign our SEO services professionals create Local Citations, Brand Profiles and perform a lot of content marketing strategies which create multiple doors for the leads to fall in your way from multiple referral sources.

With our SEO Service, we offer add-on services such as fixing small website development bugs, fixing issues with the contact form, and enhancing the targeted page layouts for maximum customer engagements and conversions. We also offer services such as rewriting the webpage content if required for better SEO rankings and any other small fixes as per requirements. We do all this for no extra charges to our clients.

As long as we are working with you and providing you the SEO Services, we never onboard any of your competitors. There are some business rules we follow at our Indian SEO Services very strictly which ensures 100% trust and reliability of our clients on us.

We have very strict client security policies which allow us to keep all data safe and secure internally. We never publish or share any of your website logins, email logins, or passwords with any third-party sites and even make sure to keep changing the passwords for high security reasons.

How to Proceed with SEO Services? Detailed Steps

Below is the step-by-step process on how you can start SEO services from us for your business website.

step 1

step 2

step 3

step 4

step 5

step 6

Website SEO Audit

Our SEO experts in Delhi, India performs free of cost in-depth website analysis and list down all Technical and Logical website issues of your website in a single PDF file that need to a fix to help in achieving faster search visibility. Errors such as; Structure, Content Quality, Contact Forms, Errors of 404s, 301, 302, 403, Basic On-Page SEO Checks, Search Indexing Issues, and more.


SEO Keywords Research

Being top SEO service provider in Delhi, we perform keyword in-depth keywords analysis specifically for the products and services you offer on your business website that is based on the targeted demographics (Country/Location/Age Group/People with Areas of Interest and more) shared by you. At this stage, our SEO specialists suggest the targeted landing pages as well as for any URL Rewriting required on the existing targeted website pages.


Organic Competitor Analysis

Organic competitor analysis gets performed by the SEO consultants with over 10+ years of experience in the industry and hence you get the most comprehensive competitor analysis reports with all details like on which keywords they are ranking up on, content quality they using, websites they generating backlinks from (Paid, Manual or Natural), and other technical factors.


SEO Strategy Planning

Now the stage comes for your website’s SEO Strategy development which gets been done by the brilliant minds of Professional SEOs. After compiling every research and analysis data, and having an understanding of your business industry, we list down the activities along with their monthly submissions of SEO Off-Page and On-Page that would be helpful in getting your website in the first page of Google. We rank your website on keywords that generates quality leads for business growth.


SEO Commercial Discussions

Finalizing commercials of SEO Services is as important as performing SEO Analysis and ranking a website. SEO is not a liability; it is a business investment like any other important business investments you do for your business establishments and growth. The SEO packages of our SEO Services are very competitive if compared to any other SEO Company in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, UAE, and all other European and American Continents and Sub-Continents.


Let’s Boost the Rankings

At this stage, we assign your website SEO services to our SEO experts and they start simultaneously with all strategically designed SEO On-Page and Off-Page activities. At our SEO Company the SEO Marketing KPI is, we offer a 360-degree approach towards any SEO campaign irrespective for its package (Small, Medium, or Enterprise) and we always aim towards delivering the results so we can build long, strong and valuable business relationships with all the clients.



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SEO Company India: We Perform SEO Services For all Below Industries

SEO Company & SEO Services – Recognition & Awards


Featured As Top SEO Firm India By Clutch

Our SEO Agency got mentioned on Clutch’s Top Search Engine Optimization Firms in India list. We achieved this award after delivering top organic rankings to home improvement contractors in the USA after delivering them Google’s first page results for all of their domains in the Buffalo, New York region.


Featured As Top Creative Agencies in India By Clutch

In 2019, Clutch again listed our SEO Agency as Top Creative Agencies in India after we delivered the first-page ranking to a Scrap Car Agency in the United Kingdom. For them, we targeted over 20 Locations with over 150 SEO Keywords with over 90% keywords' first-page ranking achievements on Google.


Featured As Best SEO Agency in 2021 By DesignRush

DesignRush mentioned our SEO Services in their list of Best SEO Agencies in 2021 for delivering the most trusted, reliable and affordable SEO services in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE & India. As of now we are successfully working with multiple industry clients with 100% results and satisfactions delivered.


Featured As Agency Of The Year 2022 By Ad World

Our SEO Company got listed as Agency of the Year for 2021 with Silver Rating by Ad World Masters. We achieved this recognition because we consistently ranked on the top of SEO Services and its related searches nationally and internationally. Not only this, we are still rank well as one of the top Indian SEO Company.

Hire a Team of 25+ Full Time Working SEO Services Professionals

At SEOServiceinIndia.co.in, we take pride in our team of 25+ full-time professionals who possess extensive experience in the field. Collectively, our team members have amassed over 70 years of experience, making them a valuable asset that can drive significant growth for your business.

Our skilled Indian SEO Company professionals are well-equipped to provide game-changing strategies and solutions tailored to your specific business needs. With their wealth of knowledge and expertise, they can effectively implement cutting-edge techniques to improve your online visibility, increase website traffic, and generate tangible results.

By entrusting your SEO requirements to our dedicated team, you can tap into their wealth of experience and leverage their skills to achieve substantial business growth. Our professionals are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices, ensuring that your business receives the most effective and innovative solutions available.

Partnering with India's Top SEO Company and our team of seasoned professionals can be a game-changer for your business, propelling it towards new heights of success.

We Offer Borderless SEO Services:

Irrespective of the location of your business, we provide SEO services on a global scale. Our services cater to clients across various countries, including prominent markets such as the United States, India, South Korea, Russia, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Brazil, Taiwan, Malaysia, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Netherlands, Philippines, Japan, Argentina, Italy, Mexico, France, Poland, Singapore, Turkey, Ukraine, Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq, Australia, Spain, Iran, Colombia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Romania, United Arab Emirates, Lithuania, Peru, Morocco, Sweden, Bulgaria, South Africa, Chile, Palestine, China, Ireland, Hungary, Trinidad & Tobago, Ecuador, as well as other European and American continents and sub-continents.

We understand the importance of reaching a wider audience and establishing a strong online presence, regardless of geographical boundaries. With our international SEO package, we ensure that your business receives the necessary support and strategies to enhance visibility and attract organic traffic from target markets worldwide.

Our team is well-versed in tailoring SEO packages and campaigns to meet the specific requirements and preferences of different countries and regions. We leverage industry best practices and stay updated with the latest trends to deliver effective results in diverse market landscapes.

No matter where your business operates, we are equipped to provide comprehensive SEO services that can help you achieve your digital marketing goals on a global scale.

SEO Company with Successful Results On 40+ Business Industries

Our SEO professionals are currently serving over 20+ businesses niche globally including Education, Healthcare, Home Improvement, Finance, Manufacturers, eCommerce & Retail, Local Business, Education, Gambling & Casino, Astrologers, Hotels, Travel Industry, and more.

So, if you looking for a

top SEO India you can never find a better SEO Services partner like us.


SEO Services We Perform It For Everything Mentioned Below

Performing SEO on any web page with a motive to rank it higher on the first page of Google requires years of knowledge, understanding of algorithms, sharp eyes on the latest SEO research & analysis, and timely & consistent upgrades & advancements of the On-Page and Off-Page activities.

Over a decade, at our SEO Agency, we have improved ourselves and our teams whenever required by conducting internal live training sessions, sharing the latest updates & search improvements happening every day to day and offering equal learning opportunities to everyone from executive level to the managerial level which constantly brings new SEO experiments, ideas, and strategies on the table which helped our Web SEO Services to get specialized into a variety of SEO Services today and that too for for multiple platforms across the web. Out of which we have listed down the most popular SEO Services we offer globally below.

Local SEO

The SEO professionals of our SEO Company can dominate your website on all the locally searched terms that can increase the customer’s foot-ins in your offline and online store. We do this by bringing all the local SEO activities (Google My Business, Local Citations, Local Content Marketing, Brand Profiles, and Positive Brand Reviews) together to achieve the mark.

eCommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO is not easy as it looks. But our SEO Agency experts have the best practices to implement for any eCommerce online store to bring It to the first page of Google search. We do this by using all the advanced product page structure data technologies, offers, keywords bifurcation as per categories, Guest Postings, Strong Backlink building, and more.

YouTube SEO

YouTube is the most trending earning platform for Content Creators. Our SEO Services approach towards YT SEO relies on 2C’s (Consistency & Content) + Back and Forth Optimization of the videos. This strategy is not only capable to bring individual videos to the top searches but also helps with the overall growth of your channel subscribers, views, and watch hours.

Podcast SEO

SEO for Podcasts is something very new to the industry. But our SEO Company has mastered the skills to boost your podcast channel subscribers and listening audience of your Podcasting channel available on any platform. We do this with a mix of Content Marketing, Backlink Building, and Branding activities which all together can help in achieving the end goals.

Country-Level SEO

Country-level SEO or National Level SEO is for companies who want to expand their business from a Local Customer Base to a Country-Level Customer Base. With our SEO Services you can do this with a very seamless and result-oriented approach. To achieve this, we work on service keywords, page content, new page requirements, Off-Page, and On-Page.

International SEO

International SEO, as it sounds is for companies selling their services or products internationally. Any international SEO campaign needs to be very aggressive. Our SEO Services can build that foundation. With Content Marketing, Podcasting, Branding, ORM, and Off/On Page activities we can get your brand in between the searches of international customers.

App Store SEO/ASO

App store SEO or ASO is not everyone’s cup of tea. App SEO needs a very aggressive and strategic approach toward increasing app installations. Our SEO Company not only optimizes App Stores for Play Store Search and Google Search, instead, we also optimize your App Website on keywords to rank it higher on Semantically Related keywords to bring real installations.

Voice Search SEO

Voice search SEO is generally been done for long-tail keywords. Our professionals at SEO Company first understand the possible voice search commands of your business industry and create an SEO marketing strategy after that to make sure the Google Voice Search command speaks up the results from our website page contents by ranking them on the first page.

SEO Services On-Page SEO Weekly Checklist 2024

SEO Services On-Page Checklist Week 1

  • ✅Keywords Research Keyword Research is the method of finding and finalizing the terms to use in the SEO campaign on which the rankings should come up in the Google search for organic leads generation
  • ✅URL Rewriting URL rewriting is the process of SEO optimization of the Page Slug which is one of the biggest ranking factors that helps in increasing the organic rankings on Google
  • ✅Page Title A page title is the name of a web page that appears in the Google search result snippets. Optimizing page titles is one of the top SEO ranking factors and can also be used to increase the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) and Conversions.
  • ✅Meta Description A page description is a short web page description that appears in the Google search result snippets. Optimizing page descriptions is one of the SEO ranking factors and can also be used to increase the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) and Conversions.
  • Meta Keywords A web page’s meta keyword is the section through which we define the important terms/phrases or focus keywords of a web page based on which the search algorithms consider a web page for the rankings in the defined focus keywords.
  • ✅OG Tags The OG Tag (Open Graph Tag), used on a web page, ensures the URL, Page title, and featured image appear at their best while sharing the web page on social media platforms. The same Tag works for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • ✅DC Tags The DC Tag (Dublin Core meta tag) is a metadata tag through which we define the meta tags of a web page as the same as meta tags (Title, Description, and Keywords). This tag also helps in making the rankings up on Google.
  • ✅Canonical Tags A canonical tag is an individual or a specific link element to a web page that specifies crawlers with the original page content on a website and avoids any additional duplicate copy of the same page on the web server as well as from Google’s Search Database.
  • ✅Twitter Cards Twitter cards are a set of metadata codes that help Twitter fetch the rich Image, videos, and any other rich media content from the landing page while sharing the page on Twitter for tweets.
  • ✅JSON LD Business JSON-LD schema is a page structure markup set of codes we implement on the individual web pages so crawlers can understand the structure of your web page easily.
  • ✅Location Schema Location schema is a type of local schema code we implement to give signals to the crawlers regarding the type of business products and services the website offer along with the targeted location.
  • ✅Google Analytics Integration Google Analytics is Google’s official tool which gives clear insights into the daily visitors on your website with metrics like Organic Traffic, Paid Traffic, Referral traffic, and Direct traffic.
  • ✅Google Search Console Integration Google search console is Google’s official tool to identify the errors on your website related to indexing, page experience, 404, and Redirecting Pages so the same can be fixed for a smoothly running website.

SEO Services On-Page Checklist Week 2

  • ✅Sticky Call Button We use the sticky call button to increase a website's conversion rate optimization. Over 80% of the users are now searching through mobile and giving a direct call button could increase lead flow.
  • ✅Sticky Live Chat Button Live chat buttons offer your website visitors to connect with you directly through live web chats and which increases the chances of conversion of a website visitor into a customer.
  • ✅Image Alt Tags An image alt tag is an alternate attribute of an image through which web crawlers understand the concept of image and rank the image in the Image section accordingly.
  • ✅Image Title Tags An image title tag is the title attribute of an image through which web crawlers understand the concept of image and rank the image in the Image section accordingly.
  • ✅Heading Tags Optimization There are 6 Headings on web pages H1 to H6 and we optimize every heading as per the requirement so the rankings can be boosted for your website.
  • Keywords Density Optimization Keyword density is the total percentage of the keywords used within the content of a web page. Keyword density is an important ranking factor for any web page.
  • ✅Broken Links Check Broken links are the hyperlinks to the web pages within your website that is not available or have been removed. Those pages are the 404 pages that need to be fixed for a smoothly running website
  • ✅XML Sitemap Generation XML sitemap is the method to inform search crawlers of the total number of web pages available on a website for indexing. The sitemap once created gets submitted to the search console.
  • Location/GEO Sitemap Generation Location or GEO sitemap is a .xml file that includes the local business data which helps in informing the crawlers of the physical business location and further helps in improving the local business rankings.
  • ✅Contact Forms Testing Contact form testing is a process that we do on a regular basis to make sure the contact forms are working fine so you never miss out on any leads you receive through the website contact forms.

SEO Services On-Page Checklist Week 3

  • ✅FAQ Schema Implementation FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) schema is a script that we add on a web page to target the product or service-related regular questions asked by your customers with their proper answers.
  • ✅Review Schema Implementation Review schema is the star rating schema script we implement on a web page that displays 5-star rating results in the search engine result snippet for your landing page.
  • ✅Product Schema Implementation Product schema is a product detail script that includes the data of the products such as; product name, price, product category, promotion or discount offer, or other things that help a user in the SERP with your details in the Google search itself.
  • ✅Price Schema Implementation Price schema is a script that we implement in individual website pages offering products or service which appears in the SERP snippets with the minimum and maximum cost of the service or product you offer.
  • ✅Internal/Contextual Linking Internal linking or contextual linking is a very important on-page SEO practice that helps a smooth crawling of your website for crawlers as well as also helps your website visitors explore more services you offer. Additionally, internal linking also helps in reducing the bounce rate of websites.

SEO Services On-Page Checklist Week 4

  • ✅CSS Compression CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) compression is a page loading speed optimization process through which we compress the codes in your CSS files to reduce the server response time and positively impact a faster loading speed.
  • ✅js Compression JS (Java Script) compression is a page loading speed optimization process through which we compress the codes in your JS files to reduce the server response time and positively impact a faster loading speed.
  • ✅HTML Compression HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) compression is the compression of the HTML codes available on your product of service pages. Compressing those codes also helps in improving the loading speed of your website.
  • ✅Image Compression Image compression is an on-page practice through which we reduce the image size in KBs to KBs or MBs to KBs for faster loading. Image compressions help a lot in making your page load faster than ever.
  • ✅Speed Optimization Through cPanel Along with all manual ways to optimize the page loading speed directly through the cPanel of your website hosting which also helps in compressing all the CSS, JS, HTML codes automatically to some extends.
  • ✅htaccess File Compression Codes We also implement render blocking codes and other cache and cookies codes in your website htaccess file which also helps in improving the loading speed of your website.

Why SEO Services Are Best for Your Business?

SEO Services India is a dedicated team of professional SEO service providers and experts that are hand-picked after clearing many stages of interview rounds which makes sure that every single strategy built for your website gives positive signals to the search engine crawlers for its quicker indexing and fastest ranking.

Not Getting Business Even After Trying Multiple SEO Services?

One common mistake with most Indian SEO Services provider is they think First-page Ranking Achievement is what they needed at the end of the day and their definition of SEO always remains outdated with this thought process.

What We As an Professional SEO Services Provider Think? SEO is a practice that is way beyond just achieving the rankings IT IS A PROCESS TO GENERATE BUSINESS FROM ORGANIC TRAFFIC TO SUPPORT BUSINESS GROWTH.

Hence, getting in touch with our best Indian SEO Services provider opens the doors for your business to not just rank higher but also to attract more leads to fuel your business and make it a success.

Scope of SEO Services for Your Business Website?

A Common SEO Myth WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Magento, or any other known CMS platforms are not SEO friendly for On-Page SEO Activities.

The Fact Is CMS platform does not have any role in helping the SEO Friendliness for any website and it is always possible to customize your website's On-Page SEO as per requirements there are some technical ways that our SEO experts as well as Web Development Team understand really well.

So doesn't matter if we have to update the Basic On-Page stuff like updating the Page Title, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords to updating Technical On-Page stuff like fixing broken links, placing internal linking, content optimization, Sitemap Creations, etc to Advance On-Page stuff like adding Schema Markups (Review & Rating, FAQ, JSON LD, Local Business Schema), Increasing the Conversion Rate Optimizations, Web Page Loading Speed Optimization, etc are all easily possible.

How to Buy SEO Services in India?

There are 2 ways for you to buy SEO Services in India. The first way is for the ones who understand What is SEO, How SEO Work, and How SEO Would Be Beneficial for their Business and some other technicalities.

The second option is specifically for those who are now aware of SEO things and need someone to make them understand how to buy SEO Services. So, let's start with the First Way to buy SEO Services.

Buy SEO Services from India Way 1

For tech-savvy business owners, if they need to buy SEO Services they can simply follow the below steps:

  • Visit our SEO Services website seoserviceinindia.co.in.
  • Look for the search panel available on top of the page
  • Click there and type the industry of your business. For example: AI Software and Tools, Automobile, Casino, Coworking Office , Cyber Security, Data Recovery, Dentists, Government, eCommerce SEOHome Roofing Companies, Home Renovator Companies, Hotels, Movers And Packers, Pet Groomers, Politicians, Real Estate, Restaurants, etc.
  • Click the SEO Industry Name that appeared after searching to open the SEO package page.
  • In the package page, from the first Choose an Option" section, select the type of SEO package you need based on the targeted locations/country of your business.
  • After that, choose the number of keywords you want to buy the SEO package for.
  • Check the amount and the off-page activities included in the left image with your selected package type
  • Now add the package to the card and proceed to the payments.
  • You will get an option to add Keywords to the cart page.
  • Once the payments are done, you will get a payment confirmation in your email and a call within 24 hours from our SEO department for further discussions on the strategy and to start the campaign.

Buy SEO Services from India – Way 2

If you are not tech-savvy and don't have enough information about the process of SEO, then you can contact our professional SEO service experts at +919717686168 (Call/WhatsApp).

  • Visit our SEO Services website seoserviceinindia.co.in.
  • Look for the search panel available on top of the page
  • Click there and type the industry of your business. For example:eCommerce SEO, HealthCare SEO, Education SEO,Gaming SEO, Gambling/Casino SEO, Pet Care Industry SEO, Dentists SEO,Real Estate SEO, Law SEO,Travel & Tourism SEO, Astrologers SEO,Movers and Packers SEO, etc.
  • Click the SEO Industry Name that appeared after searching to open the SEO package page.
  • In the package page, from the first Choose an Option" section, select the type of SEO package you need based on the targeted locations/country of your business.
  • After that, choose the number of keywords you want to buy the SEO package for.
  • Check the amount and the off-page activities included in the left image with your selected package type
  • Now add the package to the card and proceed to the payments.
  • You will get an option to add Keywords to the cart page.
  • Once the payments are done, you will get a payment confirmation in your email and a call within 24 hours from our SEO department for further discussions on the strategy and to start the campaign.

Website SEO Services: 100% Manual, Penalty-Free Indian SEO Services

We in our SEO Services strictly avoid using old-school off-page activities like Blog Commenting, Directory Submissions, and low-quality automated backlink creations as they have zero value to the campaign and may also lead your website towards Search engine Penalties.

Content Marketing SEO Off-Page Activities: Free or Paid Guest Posts, Free Article Submissions, Website Targeted Landing Page Content Writing, Website Blogs Writing, Social Bookmarking, Classified Submissions, PPT/PDF Submissions, Question and Answers Submissions.

Branding SEO Off-Page Activities: Brand Profile Creation, Local Business Listings, Podcast Creation and Submissions, Image Submissions, Microsite Creations,

Online Reputation Management SEO Off-Page Activities: Sharing Positive Reviews On Site (If the Option is Available), Sharing Positive Reviews on Brand Name, Services and Products


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