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What is App Store?

App Stores are the digital platforms available on the web that allow the distribution of multiple industry mobile software known as Mobile Applications. These App Stores allow multiple-industry applications to be distributed from their platforms which users can install as per their requirements and need use. If you need any help with your app distribution/uploading or need App Store Optimization Services then you can always reach out to us.

What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization is a process to improve mobile app search presence on App Stores as well as on Google search in order to increase the app installations by users or by a set of targeted audiences for which the mobile app could be useful. App store optimization is a practice that includes a process in which we optimize an app from the App Store (On-Site App Store Optimization) as well as Out of App Store (Off-Side App Store Optimization). Both practices together help an app to appear on the top of all targeted keywords and in front of the targeted audience.

Most Popular App Distribution Platforms Available 2022

Since Android (with 70% Market Share) and IOS (With 28% Market Share) operating systems are the most demanding OS available till date and the major App distribution platforms available for them are Google Play (Android) and Apple App Store (IOS/iPadOS). However, there are also other app distribution platforms shared below, but anyone hardly uses them.

  • Amazon Appstore for Android
  • Microsoft Store
  • OpenStore
  • Windows Phone Store
  • BlackBerry World
  • Firefox Marketplace

Our ASO marketing experts are experienced with Google Play and Apple App Store Optimizations and have delivered extensive results to our clients and helped them gain tremendous installations and branding for their apps. If you also need mobile app SEO Service then be relaxed because you are going to reach out to a very reliable ASO Service Company in India.

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    What Are the Benefits of Mobile App for Business?

    Mobile apps for businesses can lead to tremendous benefits and can give exponential growth to any business. But the condition is, that the ASO marketing has to be planned very strategically so it can reach to the audience and increase installations. With our App Store SEO Optimization Services, we create the most strategic approach toward boosting your app search presence. Below Are some of the major benefits you can leverage with your business App.

    • Mobile apps give you more genuine reach toward your targeted customer base which leads to more business inquiries and sales.
    • Helps in branding the business
    • Stronger customer base
    • Provide advanced options for remarketing and retargeting
    • Helps in understanding customer phycology for marketing strategy building
    • Makes it easy for the customer to interact with the business directly
    • Offers data personalized marketing opportunities
    • Mobile Apps make it easier for businesses to create customer surveys
    • In-App Promotional Offers Messages
    • Allow push notifications directly to customers’ mobile, and more.

    There are countless benefits of a mobile app for your business. Hence, it is important its marketing should also be handled by experts so your business can utilize it’s benefits to an optimal level.

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